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Factors affecting the selling price of used cars​


Many friends may have this question, why are two cars of the same grade and condition, but the price is high or low? In fact, this is all caused by the car’s preservation rate. The brand of a car will also affect the price of its used car. If the brand recognition is low, it will be troublesome in terms of repair and maintenance. When buying second-hand cars, most consumers will consider the brand’s recognition and influence in the industry and market. Generally speaking, the wider the popularity of the car brand, the higher the recognition of the model, the more stable the price in the second-hand car market, and the higher the value retention rate will naturally be. Visit the site for a better understanding of cars’ prices and conditions. Also, check cars as references like proton persona for understanding the factor affecting the price of used car. 

Vehicle age and mileage

Vehicle age is a decisive factor affecting the price of used cars. The older you get, the cheaper the price will be. The more kilometers, the more serious the wear and tear of the vehicle, and the failure rate will gradually increase. Vehicles with too many kilometers will also affect the value preservation rate of used cars.

In general, quasi-new cars within 3 years can be sold at a good price, on the one hand, because the car condition will be better, and on the other hand because the vehicle is still in the warranty period. If the vehicle has passed 3 years later, the maintenance cost will be very high, and the parts will age after 5 years. After seven years, the vehicle standard will be relatively low. The reason is that the government requires mandatory vehicle inspection to ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive on the road.

The appearance and structure of the car

Automotive structural parts refer to: the frame of the car body. Which can be understood as the skeleton that supports the car body and is the first guarantee of safety. Because the structural parts themselves are integrated, so as long as there is damage, it is necessary to perform cutting and welding work for repair. And the safety will be greatly reduced. Therefore, any vehicle with damaged structural parts will be classified as a major accident. And the price of the vehicle will inevitably be greatly affected.

Not only the exterior of the vehicle (doors, hoods, trunk covers, glass, tires, overall paint, fenders, spare tire grooves), shock absorbers, suspensions, and other parts that are exposed to the line of sight are all appearances. If your vehicle is disassembled, deformed, or replaced in these areas, the price of the vehicle will be discounted. Although the appearance of the vehicle does not affect the performance of the vehicle, observing its appearance can tell the car owner’s degree of care and intensity of the vehicle, which in turn affects the price of the vehicle.

Car wear and maintenance

Generally, the price of a car that is maintained in the original factory throughout the entire process will be slightly higher than that of a car that is maintained in the garage. In addition, people who buy second-hand cars usually care more about the cost of maintaining the car. If the maintenance and repair costs of a car are high, the market acceptance will become lower.

Whether you are selling a car or making a deal, it is important that the tires are in good condition. If they all match, you will get a greater price advantage. The mixing of tires of different brands or ages may suggest to buyers that even if you change tires quickly after a puncture, you will tend to take care of your car more casually. If you really want to get the highest price for your car, then consider buying four new tires.

The quality of the electrical appliances in the car will also affect the price, such as window switches, sunroofs, radios, and other light wipers, multi-function steering wheel buttons, etc., which will affect whether they can be used normally. You can refer to the reference price of some accessories of a treasure. Plus how much cost can be affected by the comprehensive judgment of working hours.

Vehicle configuration

Among the consumers who buy second-hand cars, most pay attention to the benefits, and the configuration of the car will more or less affect the price of the second-hand car. Generally speaking, there are three configurations of low, medium and high. For low-priced cars, the market share will also decrease, and the value retention rate of second-hand cars will also decrease.

As the country’s emission requirements become more and more stringent, more consumers choose low-fuel-consumption vehicles, thereby saving costs, and the preservation rate of high-fuel-consumption vehicles will gradually decrease. In addition, the color will have a great impact on the price of a used car. Popular colors will keep the value of the car a bit, and some of the more bright and niche colors will have a much lower value retention rate.

 Fuel consumption volume and color

The price of gasoline and diesel fluctuates daily, which can affect the value of used cars. If the value of your vehicle is strongly affected by fuel prices, but you are eager to sell, you have to accept the market’s choice. If you have a little time, pay attention to news reports, watch for rising or falling oil prices, and try to sell when it is best for you. You can’t do anything about gasoline prices, but if you are not in a hurry to sell your car, you should have a chance to wait for a better time.

There are many models to choose from in the second-hand car market, but in actual transactions, it is still dominated by mid-and low-end cars, and small displacement is still the favorite of consumers.

It may not be surprising that color affects the resale value of a car. Surprisingly, although these colors are almost ubiquitous in many dealership showrooms, it shows that people like these colors on new cars. Other bright colors also have different effects on resale prices. If you choose the color of your new car and take into account the impact of resale, then black, white and gray are the safest.

 Vehicle age and mileage

Vehicle conditions will also have a great impact on the value retention rate of second-hand vehicles. Engines, gearboxes, chassis, and electronic equipment will all have a price impact of more than 10%. Many accident vehicles and flooded vehicles are still depreciated by 30% or more. No one wants to buy a car that smells like an ashtray. Therefore, if you have been smoking in the car, you have to be prepared to pay the price. Although there is no exact formula for how much the value of your car will be reduced compared to similar vehicles that have not smoked, there is no dispute about the reduction in the value of a smoker’s car. Some studies have shown that smoking cars in cars are heavily polluted, driving and riding will expose you to second-hand residual smoke.

Accidents are divided into large and small accidents. Small accidents, such as ordinary scratches and small rear-end collisions, only have a partial impact on the appearance of the photo, and the general residual value rate will not be affected much. However, if the vehicle has a major accident, such as flooding the vehicle, replacing the core components such as the engine and gearbox, the impact on the residual value rate of the vehicle will be considerable.

First number

The number of transfers means that many different people use the vehicle, because each person has different driving habits and caring for the vehicle differently, and the use of multiple people will definitely affect the price.

The number of transfers of a vehicle has an impact on the vehicle. The more the number of transfers of a vehicle, the lower the value of the vehicle. Because the more the number of transfers of the vehicle, the more the drivers of the vehicle and each person’s car use and car ownership habits are different. The more the number of transfers of vehicles, the more complicated the vehicle conditions.

Overall vehicle performance and market demand​

The constant lighting of instrument failure lights will affect the price of used cars, such as engine failure lights and airbag lights. Overall vehicle performance (whether gearbox, gearbox shifting smoothly, whether oil is burning, whether engine acceleration is weak, whether the air-conditioning compressor is working normally, etc.), if the overall working condition is not good, the price difference will be several thousand There are still.

In response to market demand, there are many model choices in the second-hand car market, but in actual transactions, mid-and low-end cars are still the main ones, and small displacement is still the favorite of consumers.

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