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4 Famous Places to Visit in Thailand
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4 Famous Places to visit in Thailand


If you are fond of roaming then Thailand can be a Dreams Tourist Place of You. There are many places to visit, which keep their own identity in the world. There are many such places that attract tourists very much: modern cities, buddhist temples, traditional farming villages, blue lagoons, gorgeous beaches and many more places. Those who want to spend a few weeks in search of tropical islands, they should see the picture of the right Thai islands. If the exciting energy of a capital city is more than your style, then Thailand will be more than providing an unforgettable experience. Plan to visit Southeast Asia’s most popular destination with our list of best places to visit in Thailand.

List of 4 Best places to visit in Thailand

#1 Ayuthaya

Established in 1350, the Ayathaya city (UT) is located in Central Thailand, located in Chao Fria River Valley. It sits on an island surrounded by three rivers associated with Siam’s Gulf. King Yu Thong announced it to the capital of his state. Once declared the most spectacular city on earth, the ruins of the age are now a major attraction for people going to Thailand.


As the capital of the Thai Empire, the earliest was an impressive site, in which there were three palaces and more than 400 temples. From the 14th to the 18th century, the city grew. Up to 1700, the population reached about 1,000,000. Ayuthaya became a connecting point between the center and west and east for business.

Many ancient remains in Ayuthaya are located in the western segment of the island, while others are more comprehensive. One of the most popular sites is praise. Here one will get a sandstone Buddha head with the roots of a bodhi tree. One of the most important images of Buddha sitting can be found in the Vihar Fro Monkhone Bofit, and there is a highlight for other people going to the other site along with Buddhists. Thailand’s largest Gilarded Buddha, which is known as Fah Buddha Trottana Nayak, is found in Wat Fan Choet. It is about 20 feet (6 meters) seated Buddha and is the highest worship in Thailand.

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#2 Bangkok

Thailand underlines with Hawking souvenirs and tantling foods, the capital city and the country’s largest city, Bangkok, high rise buildings, spectacular palaces, ancient temples, shiny nightclubs, bustling markets and roads resonating brochangs and streets . While the city is sometimes described as a solid jungle jam with noise traffic and air pollution, Bangkok is not without its natural beauty, which is seen in its remaining canals, green places and tropical plants of flowers.

Located in Central Thailand, Bangkok is a huge city which offers something for everyone. Famous tourist road, Eat San Road, is a good place to start with its interesting sites and cheap shopping and nightlife. This city is known for its innumerable temples such as Holy Wat Fra Kai, in which Erdal Buddha. Zoo, Water Park and Amusement Park All Current Family Fun Shopping in Bangkok is sensational with many shopping malls and markets, including not to be Missed Floating Market. Sporting Wages Host Thai Boxing Match

#3 Khao Yai National Park

Located in the Shankam Mountain Range, Eat Yai National Park is the third largest park in Thailand. Despite high altitude, the park’s scenario is a diverse mixture of evergreen rainforests and Bilova grasslands.

Many waterfalls are also hidden inside the tree-line forests in the Khao Yai National Park. 260 feet tall, powerful How Narok Park is the largest waterfall and should go. Although not high, the picturesque blessing water is also worth seeing; This film was established in the beach, the waterfall jump scene.

The abundance of wildlife is one of the main reasons for visiting the National Park. Pig-tail Macaque, Sambar Deer, freshwater crocodile, and Asian black bears are only some organisms that can be seen roaming through the park. It is one of the few places in Thailand where you can regularly see big mammals such as elephants and tigers in the wild.

#4 Chiang Rai

The last city in Thailand, Chiang Rai is the place to go to explore the golden triangle, including the limitations of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. A busy city offers some for everyone, Chiang Rai is often used as the basis for the discovery of the surrounding area. The city is quiet during the day, when most of its packages are outside tourists on day trips, but neon lights at night are spring in the action of flash and souvenir stalls and restaurants spring.

This city is also home to some museums, which display local heritage, culture and art. With your beloved green sights, trees and flowers, at the end of the year is a good place to participate or participate in the flower festival. The market and one night market provides food, handicrafts, souvenirs and free cultural performance. Chiang Roy Beach is popular for picnic and riverboat cruises.

Outside of Chiang Roy, the door of Siam is a special place on the Laos border where the visitor can enjoy beautiful ideas. Numtok Kiss Con forest Park provides nature running and natural waterfalls. The Lion Hill Cave is an interesting cave which is surrounded by picturesque scenes, hiking marks and picnic areas. Different Tour companies from Chiang Rai Guide tourists reach tourists to the surrounding hill tribes to experience their culture and traditions.

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