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Find a Versatile “flat roof company near me” that can handle metal roof


Commercial buildings favor metal roofing material as they are easy to maintain, look elegant and formal, and they are cost-effective. Over the years, there are more options in metal roofs that are easier to install and have a longer lifespan. If you search for “metal roof repair near me”, you will find that metal roof repair work is uncomplicated and costs less. That is why building managers recommend metal roof for commercial spaces.

Advantages of metal roof

Metal roofs are durable, non-combustible and reflect heat off the roof. So, even if the roof’s surface becomes extremely hot, the heat is prevented from entering the building which leads to around 30% savings in energy costs as per some estimates. Metal roofs can be custom formed around flashings, protrusions, and other irregular roof features. So, when a section of the metal roof sheet is damaged, the “metal roof repair near me” service offering company can fix it without any too much extra effort and at a fraction of the cost. Metal roof has been used in all kinds of structures because they are weather resistant, sustainable, and recyclable.

Metal roof as a flat roof option

If the building is completely flat, then the “flat roof company near me” may not recommend a metal roof as there is a risk of water pooling after heavy rain or hail. This could cause rusting on the metal roof and weaken it over time. however, metal roofs work wonderfully with flat roofs that have a low pitch. An experienced “flat roof company near me, who have experience working with metal roofs would suggest corrugated metal panels or standing seam roofing solutions. The standing seam roofing solution ca be customized to fit the building has full, seamless, interlocking panel system with no exposed fasteners. The corrugated metal panel solution is also a full, seamless panel system that can be custom fit to the building’s dimensions. However, it is screwed together with exposed fasteners.

Retrofitting a flat roof with metal

Another way in which metal is integrated with flat roof is by retrofitting a flat roof. Flat roof typically has the following categories – built-up style with alternate layers of reinforcing fabric and asphalt with gravel on top, modified bitumen, or single ply rubber membrane. There are two ways in which metal can be used to retrofit a flat roof by the “flat roof company near me” –

  1. Compact retrofit system – it is created by attaching a new metal roof directly over the existing roofing system. In this system, the existing roof slope remains the same and a marginal height or framing is added to the building.
  2. Frame-up retrofit system – it is created by installing a new frame atop the old roof and attaching new structural members to the structure below to increase the roof slope.

In both cases, structural roof system is designed for installation over open framing.

Standing seam retrofit for flat roof

The standing seam roof systems are available in symmetrical, T-shaped, and vertical ribbed form. They are best for keeping the system watertight and their panels can be removed or replaced individually anywhere in the roof’s field. The galvalume coated stell is expected to have a life of 50 to 60 years, yet when choosing the type of retrofit, one must take into consideration the roof slope and gutter system of the building. the compact retrofit is a good option for buildings with ¼” per foot slope built into the structure and external gutters. The “flat roof company near me” will be aware of current energy code that state that some amount of insulation is required on all new construction and “remove and replace” roofing project. The company offering “metal roof repair near me” will be aware that the insulation requirement will be more than the building may have installed and can become expensive.

Frame-up flat roof retrofit

It is common practice for flat roof buildings to use an internal gutter system of the building which can lead to costly damage to the entire building if they fail. A frame-up retrofit can reroute the rainwater flow to keep the water outside the building. With this system, you can get the benefits of the metal roof without changing the building’s overall appearance.


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