Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Five Things You Should Never Do When Involved In A Car Accident


Most accidents are unforeseeable and therefore difficult to prepare for. With an increasing number of road accidents occurring daily in Fort Myers, it is important to be aware of what you should and should not do if involved in a car accident. Many people experience a range of emotions after an accident, such as fear, shock, or anger.

These emotions can cloud your judgment if you are not properly prepared with the knowledge of how to respond in the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident. Lack of knowledge can make a bad situation even worse.

While you are likely to find an abundance of articles and information online about what you should do when involved in a car accident, this article will enlighten you on what you should strictly avoid if involved in such accidents.

Leaving the accident scene- You may or may not be responsible for the accident, but when you do not stop at the accident scene, regardless of the degree of damage, you may be charged with a criminal offense. There is also a moral obligation to ensure the safety of all parties, regardless of who caused the accident.

Moreover, failing to stop could hurt any future legal action. If possible, park your car to the side of the road to avoid traffic and ensure road safety for other drivers. If you fail to adhere to the law, it could lead to severe consequences such as fines and even jail.

Not reporting the accident to police-It is a misconception that car accidents should only be reported to police when there are serious injuries or damages. Different states have different mandates for reporting car accidents to police. If you are unsure whether the circumstances of an accident warrant reporting, a simple rule to prevent future legal issues is to just report the accident.

When you report an accident to the police, they may assist with removing your damaged vehicle from the road to avoid further collisions.  They may also assess the road conditions and other factors under which the accident took place. Other benefits of calling the police are that they may investigate the accident scene to determine any liability of either or both drivers. They will also take witness names and contact information, as well as record information about the accident scene. All this will become part

of an official police report, which can later be used as evidence during a personal injury lawsuit, should that be necessary.


Not taking note of the scene- When you seek compensation for injuries and damage related to the road accident, an Fort Myers Car Accident Lawyer may ask for documents that support your statement regarding the accident scene. This information could be crucial to establishing fault for the accident. Here are a few examples of information that you should consider collecting at the accident scene:

  • Collect the other party’s contact details
  • Record the plate number of the other vehicle involved in the accident
  • Obtain a copy of the driver’s license and other relevant information about the other driver
  • Collect the other driver’s car insurance information
  • Take photographs of the accident scene that show the road conditions, weather conditions, speed limits, cross streets and any visible damage to both vehicles involved

Admitting fault- Accidents can leave you nervous and shaken. Saying that you are sorry for a mishap is a common courtesy. If you are involved in a car accident, avoid apologizing or saying anything which could be interpreted as an admission of fault. These statements could be used against you to impose total or partial liability for the accident.

Communicating with the other party’s insurer- The other party’s insurance company will try to contact you. You can expect a call from negotiators, lawyers, and insurers who represent the opposing party.

Their intention is to settle with you outside the court by offering less compensation than you may actually deserve. They may also attempt to impose fault on you for the accident. You should consult with an experienced Fort Myers Injury Lawyer with their personal injury claims.

If you are in need of legal assistance from a knowledgeable personal injury attorney, contact our lawyers who will investigate the case on your behalf and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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