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Future Trajectory of Ayurveda


With the world weeding out from a once-in-a-century pandemic, the system of medication and our relationship with public health and our bodies has come into question like never before. This introspection has given rise to the use of alternative medicine around the world as well. The world as we know has been affected by plunging healthcare costs and wasteful treatments. This has also given rise to the establishment of natural therapies and treatments based on preventive care.

The center of this development is Ayurveda. The ripples of this global phenomenon have been felt locally as well. From treatment centers in Barcelona to Ayurvedic colleges in Bhopal, a promising outlook for Ayurvedic treatment is on the horizon.

Ayurveda is on an upward trajectory in the world, with many stakeholders entering the game and capitalizing on the multi-faceted benefits of alternative systems of medicine. The future of Ayurveda looks a bit different from its past. As the science becomes available to the masses, the use and application of Ayurveda will tangent less on exclusivity and elitism, and more on multifaceted application and quick results. BAMS colleges in Bhopal cater to the recapitalization of science with the same principle.

The aim of Ayurvedic expansion is not the replacement of modern medicine, but setting up a compatible simultaneous system.

4 Reasons Why We Need Ayurveda as Alternative Medicine

  1. Modern medicine has limited preventive care and no focus on targeting the origin of the disease.
  2. Ayurveda promotes healthy living and lifestyle improvement that ultimately increases a person’s lifespan.
  3. The increasingly expensive healthcare cost is unaffordable for the masses.
  4. The modern elements of Ayurveda make it a reliable and accessible system of medicine.

4 Main Steps We Can Take Towards Ayurveda’s Expansion

  1. Collaboration of government and industry leaders

The keys to the globalization of Ayurveda rests firmly in the collaboration of industry players and government. The better the regulation regarding production, development, R&D and commercialization of Ayurveda gets, the more swiftly it will popularize. Since modern medicine and chemical treatments have an already established and expanded market, the entry and growth of Ayurveda remain tricky.

  1. Clear articulation of Ayurveda’s treatment powers

The clear benefits of Ayurvedic-based therapy and treatments need better cheerleaders and articulators. Ayurveda’s treatments are more than lifestyle switches and turmeric milk, it is a cohort of research-based medicines that prevent and cure ailments. In our quest to expand Ayurveda’s reach, we must focus on the message and the messenger.

  1. Reducing the impact of chronic diseases

Ayurveda’s true prowess shines through in preventive care. Several critical ailments like diabetes and hypertension plague society and lead to many preventable deaths. Ayurveda’s proven system of care must be propagated to reduce the burden of patients on the system.

  1. Training employees and BAMS doctors

Human resource is an essential factor in our fight for Ayurvedic studies and practice. Doctors, community workers, and all other personnel directly and indirectly involved in Ayurveda must be sufficiently qualified. Also, increased educational hubs and diploma centers that satiate the growing need for Ayurvedic treatment are essential to the expansion of Ayurveda.

5 Ways the Ayurveda Market is Ready to Expand in the Coming Decade

The future trajectory of Ayurveda is an inclusive service based on preventive care and natural treatments. You can be a part of the growth of alternative medicine in India and the world by either consuming or distributing the service. Here are the top 5 ways the market is ready to expand in the coming decade:

  1. Catering to millennials and Gen Z

    As the younger generation gain purchasing power, they become the drivers of the economy. Fortunately, gen Z and millennials are one of the most socially active, open-minded, and culturally aware generations of all time. This makes the introduction and acceptance of new ideas a tad easier. The growth trajectory of Ayurveda belongs in the hands of the young ones and they will be the driving force behind the expansion of Ayurveda.


  1. Propagation of immunity and preventive health

    Preventive care and immunity boost remain the hallmarks of Ayurveda. The new-age marketing of Ayurveda will focus less on its historical richness and relevance, and more on its usage in the real world. The natural, chemical-free contrast set to all other types of highly processed medicine will become its number one selling point.


  1. Increased investment in research and development

    Transforming Ayurvedic medicinal use for the current world and making it ready for modern-day consumption remains a crucial task. The investment in R&D is the only way to fasten the process. Through robust government support and increased focus on modernization, centuries of rich Ayurvedic resources can be transformed into bite-sized treatment courses and lifestyle recommendations. The modern generation is a lot of things, but perhaps taking medicine wrapped in a fig leaf is not one of them. This is why the future trajectory of Ayurveda will focus on the commodification and commercialization of medicine.


  1. Expanding the marketing abroad

    Holistic lifestyle and natural consumption are all of the raves in European and American countries. The same instrument of marketing will be applied to Ayurveda. More than the traditional richness and goodness centered on its historical importance, the markets will absorb Ayurveda as an evolving science of preventive care and lifestyle upgrade.


  1. Introducing stricter regulations for manufacturers

    The rapid popularization of Ayurveda has given birth to a lot of quacks with no inherent knowledge or interest about the subject to become key players in the manufacture of products. A new decade will see the enforcement of stricter regulation regarding the manufacture and consumption of Ayurveda.

In conclusion,

The future trajectory of Ayurveda is one where the progressive, dynamic, innovative, and inclusive path of natural care is provided to the masses. All the best Ayurvedic colleges in Bhopal and private BAMS colleges in MP are inadvertently associated with this. The industry stakeholders must wake up from the slumber to realize the true magnitude and value of our heritage. Only when the medicine is cheap and accessible will it be useful. As the leaders say, “Let our vision grow and our quest never ends”.




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