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Game Guide: 4 Amazing Runes from League of Legends


The online games community is expanding because of the creative innovation executed by different game studios worldwide and the growing gaming community. Many people have turned to play games. Some players even do online streaming, which can be a new career opportunity. 


Fantasy games are one genre that always rises to fame. The beauty of these games is that there are many fictional elements, which allows fantasy fans to play with their imagination and The League of Legends game is a testament to that. League of Legends or LOL is a popular fantasy game. It has unique characters with different abilities that you read through in manuals like the Jinx build. Runes are the power enhancers in the games, so continue reading if you want to know four amazing runes from League of Legends. 

League of Legends’ Powerful Runes

Runes are used in many online games because these are some of the elements that make the game more imaginative, magical, and interesting. What makes the runes unique is their interpretation in every fantasy game. The runes in League of Legends have a fascinating history before they developed into the powerful ones that gamers use today. 


The world runes were considered magical artifacts that we found centuries back. Knowledge about runes began to be taught to the ancient glyphs. They use this knowledge to master and even enhance them over time. These elemental runes are now used for any round in a League of Legends battle. Many gamers have been avid fans of the characters because of these special power enhancers. 

 4 Different League of Legends Runes

1. Make a SureFire Hit to the Enemies with the Precision: The Perfect Rune Path

The main goal of the Precision runes is to improve attacks and sustain damage. These runes bring high-impact damage to the attacker and sustain them until the battle ends. You can choose which precision path to take whenever you are in the battle and rely on your strategic thinking. 


You can take the primary path that consists of four keystones. The Press the Attack keystone ruins the attacker for a certain amount of seconds. There are also the Lethal Tempo, Fleet Footwear, and the Conqueror. 



The heroism path consists of the Overheal, Triumph, and Presence of Mind Rune. The legend path includes the Alacrity, Bloodline, and the Tenacity rune. And lastly, the combat path has the Coup de Grace, Cut Down, and The Last Stand. 

2. Let the Battle Get Bloody with the Dominant: The Executioner Rune Path

It is not a surprise that all the runes under the dominant path are red because this path screams power and violence. Their goal is to burst damage and target access, especially navigating through the enemies’ plans and strategy. It aims to produce massive attacks and do permanent damage. 


The four primary keystones of the dominant rune path are the Electrocute, Predator, Dark Harvest, and Hail of Blades. All four have a scary amount of damage if used the right way. The Malice path includes the Cheap Shot, Taste of Blood, and the Sudden Impact. 


The tracking path is a way to gain easy access to the enemy’s weaknesses. You can use the Zombie Ward, Ghost Poro, and Eyeball Collection for more look-outs for enemies. The Hunters (Ravenous, Ingenious, Relentless, and Ultimate) are also part of the Dominant rune path. 

3. Play with Magic in Using the Sorcery Rune Path 

This path is pretty self-explanatory on how it is much related to magic. The Sorcery rune path works around “empowered abilities and resource manipulation”. The use of these runes is a game-changer because it tests your game knowledge and abilities. It is good practice to become a better player. 


The Sorcery rune path is dominantly bluish-violet because it is associated with elements and magic. The three primary runes include the Summon Aery, which has magic abilities to lure and attack the enemy. The Arcane Comet and Phase Rush are the other two primary runes that execute massive damage using magic. 

4. There Is Healing after a Battle with the Resolve Rune Path

The resolve runes are in the color green because it symbolizes life. The resolve rune path’s main goal is Durability and Crowd Control. It also manages health and healing throughout the entire League of Legends game. 


The guardians and the primary keystones of the Resolve rune path are the Grasp of the Undying, Aftershock, and Guardian. The other primary paths include the Strength, Resistance, and Vitality. 


League of Legends is one of the most popular fantasy games nowadays, and it has a continuously expanding fanbase. The gaming community also takes League of Legends as inspiration for tournaments, events, and conventions worldwide. 


So if you are looking for a new and fun activity, try playing League of Legends. This game will take you to a different world where magic and war exist. It will also help you to enhance your strategic thinking and be able to work with other gamers. Be up to date with the latest games and technology by visiting now!


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