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gamified microlearning solution for corporates

Advantages of Using a Gamified Microlearning Solution for Corporates


When you hire a new employee, you want the best candidate. But, in order to stay the best in the field, your employees need to upgrade their skills from time to time and keep pace with changing technology. If you want to show an interest in your employee’s growth, you could sponsor such learning in the form of workshops or short courses. You may also consider hosting workshops in other situations such as to teach employees how to use a new piece of machinery you’ve acquired. Today, the best way to do this is with a gamified microlearning solution for corporates. The benefits of choosing this route are innumerable. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons.

Highly engaging process
People often get bored listening to a long lecture but they’re never bored when playing any kind of game. Gamified microlearning is based on this principle. By breaking down a subject into smaller micro modules and arranging them in levels like those of a video game, the process of learning becomes a lot more interesting. Learners don’t simply sit back and watch a video, they get to interact with the app and thus are kept more engaged. The duration of modules is also important to note. 2-3 minute videos are easier to pay attention to rather than 1-hour long videos.

Higher retention
Everything your employees learn needs to be retained in their minds. Learning would be considered ineffective if what they learn today, they forget by tomorrow. There’s a reason why we tend to remember the pop songs we heard in our teens but the physics concepts from that time aren’t as clear. It’s a direct relation to the amount of interest the subject generates. When you gamify a concept, it becomes more interesting and thus, the lesson is retained for much longer. With a gamified microlearning solution for corporates, you can also include elements like quizzes at the end of a module to reiterate the learning and make sure it has been understood.

Encourages healthy competition
Mobile learning allows learners to learn individually at their own pace but this also means that they’re learning in isolation. Elements of gamifications like progress boards and ladder boards help keep the participants connected to each other and encourages competition. For example, when a participant sees that a peer is ranked higher in terms of the amount of time they engage with the app, they will be encouraged to do the same. It also helps them keep track of their progress via a vis others. The app could also have a reward system wherein badges are awarded on completion of a module. This builds up the individual’s profile and makes others want to be like them.

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Personalized experience
Gamifying a learning app gives learners the opportunity to personalize their experience. Rather than impersonal icons, participants can create their own avatars. The landing page can also be customized for them. Rather than having to browse through all the lessons available, they could be taken directly to the courses relevant to their needs. Doing so influences the interest they have in pursuing the course and helps them make the most efficient use of their time.

In conclusion
Gamification is a great tool for corporates to train their employees and make sure they’re always at their best. You can also use gamified mobile learning to onboard new employees. That said, when it comes to a gamified microlearning solution for corporates, remember that less is always more. The platform must be fun and interesting and engaging but it must also always primarily be a learning platform.

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