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Here’s a Quick Guide to Automatic Gate Operators for Beginners


In the past, gates were opened and closed by doormen. But thanks to the progress in technology, gates can now be opened and closed automatically. These gates are known as automated gates and add more charm and appeal to your property. People prefer having automatic gates as they add more sophistication to their houses and keep them safe from criminals and burglars.

Currently, automatic gates are the most preferred type of security system as they eliminate the hassle of opening and closing the gates manually. In fact, many people prefer installing Liftmaster or Apollo gate openers to automatically open the swing or sliding gates.

Why Do You Need Automatic Gates?

There are a plethora of reasons why you would prefer to install automatic gates, such as improved security, convenience, privacy, pure aesthetics, and much more. Your reason for installing the automatic gates will help you decide its size, materials, design, functions, etc.

If security is your primary goal behind installing automated gates, make sure you choose a solid and robust design. The best option is connecting gates with the Liftmaster or Apollo gate openers, CCTV cameras, or phone entry systems.

If keeping your children and pets safe is your primary goal, choose a design that is hard to escape. It will keep your pets and children protected from strangers and traffic.

How do Gate Operators Work?

Automated gate operators need an electric control system that can be set up via a home phone system and remote. Gate operators require electricity to operate, usually drawn from the electricity grid. A backup battery or solar-powered system can be used to maintain its operation if there is a power outage.

The gate’s size, material, and security features play a critical role in the home’s security. A solid and massive gate can keep thieves away from entering your home when you add more safety features in the automated gate system, such as a security camera, phone entry system, etc.

Two Major Types of Automatic Gate Operator

  • Swing Gate Operators

Swing Gate operators are ideal for opening and closing swing gates automatically. However, it’s essential to consider a few factors while installing the swing gate operators, such as

type of gate, weight, length, and use cycles. You can find swing gate operators in various configurations. The gates’ operation greatly depends on the variations in voltages, horsepower, and phases. Customizing swing gate operators with more security devices can offer your residence more security, convenience, and value.

  • Slide Gate Operators

Slide gate operators are another type of popular automated gate operator considered ideal for operating cantilever gates. Like swing gate operators, factors that need to be considered while installing are the type of gate, length, weight, and cycles of use. You can find variations in slide gate operators’ configurations, voltages, and horsepower. A slide gate operator offers more security and convenience when customized with other security devices.

 Benefits of Using Automatic Gate Operators

  • Easy to Use

The automatic gate operators are easy to use and provide more convenience to homeowners. Gate operators offer more convenience by eliminating the need for manual operation.

  • Increased Security

Automated gate systems can be equipped with the safety features such as providing the information of the incoming visitor, inbuilt warning sensors, and various customization options. The automatic gates are undoubtedly safer and more secure than hand-operated gates.

  • Positive Impression

Everyone wants their house to look attractive and captivating. Adding an automatic gate operator in the gates adds a “wow factor” to your property. Moreover, exclusive features that come with the automatic gate operator make it worth considering.

  • Low Maintenance

Automated gate systems require low maintenance. When an automatic gate operator is installed by a professional repair and installation company in Sealy, TXit ensures the longevity of the automated gate system.

Final Thoughts

No matter which gate operator brand you choose, ensuring safe installation and maintenance is paramount. Hiring a professional gate operator installation service means having it correctly installed. A professional will ensure that everything is in working order, from the gate functions to the operating system. Moreover, if you are thinking of complimenting the automated gate system with fences, always choose a professional fence installation and repair company of the industry in Bellaire, Texas.

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