Friday, January 27, 2023

Here’s How Hiring a Third-Party Shipping Company Can Benefit Your Business


Did you know that shipping costs are one of the major factors behind shopping cart abandonment? In fact, 44 % of the customers leave the purchase midway because of high shipping costs. Shipping indeed plays a critical role in maintaining your business growth. No matter how user-friendly your website is and how detailed information it contains. If a customer gets a poor shipping service, it will adversely impact your business.

Therefore, online retailers seek cost-effective shipping solutions that can ensure quick delivery without compromising on budget. Fortunately, there are several good options for shipping that businesses can utilize. One of them is third-party shipping companies. So, if your business is shipping products to Africa from Houston or any other locations in the USA, leave it to the professional third-party shipping company.

How Can a Third-Party Shipping Company Help Your Business?

  • When you are involved in international trading, it’s always recommended to rely on a trusted and experienced shipping company to help you make critical decisions and prepare and clear shipments.
  • It can also handle the critical paperwork required in foreign ports. The best thing is shipping companies have great experience working in several regions, currencies, and languages.
  • You can find several great domestic shipping companies in Houston that can help ship your products from the USA to your destination port in Africa or any other continent.
  • Apart from shipping, they can help manage your warehousing and fulfillment services and ensure that your cargo is handled with utmost care as it travels across the borders.
  • If you stay in Houston, you can find several promising Air Freight companies that handle all of your freight and air cargo shipping requirements.

Why is Choosing the Right Shipping Strategies Necessary?

Many e-commerce businesses, especially the small ones, struggle with shopping cart abandonment. For instance, a new customer visits your online store, finds the product with the desired price, and adds it to their cart. As soon as they get to the checkout page and see the shipping price, it forces them to change their decision. This is because the product they thought budget-friendly turned out to be more expensive.

This often leads to the following situations:

  • They continue with the purchase, despite the increased costs
  • They abandon their cart and leave your store. In fact, in most cases, customers abandon carts.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Shipping Provider for Your Business

Shipping is an essential aspect of business operations, and any discrepancy can adversely affect your business as a whole. However, by outsourcing the right shipping company, you can :

1. Build a Better Customer Experience

Incorporating high standards in your shipping strategy will ensure that your customer will have a fantastic experience every time they shop from your online store. However, it’s always recommended to remain transparent with your shipping delays due to high volume, natural factors, carrier delays, or even COVID-19.

2. Improve Your Average Order Value (AOV)

Promotions and seasonal sales always help encourage the customers to buy more frequently, automatically boosting your order value. For instance, you could offer free shipping with a specific amount of purchase on selected items.

3. Expand Your Business

With the help of a proficient shipping company, you can sell your products in more new places across the world, which will help grow your business.

4. Boost Your Conversions

When customers get what they want at a fair price, they are more likely to purchase from your store. You can offer them plenty of options to improve your sales, such as you can offer them options of the carrier, delivery time, and even fulfillment method.

The Bottom Line

One major challenge that growing businesses often face is with shipping. Almost every business owner remains concerned about shipping and delivery. Despite all the effort in picking, packing, and shipping products, there is always room for delays.When you choose the right shipping company for your business, it significantly helps to boost your conversions and overall revenue.

 A professional shipping company will help you decide what will work best for your brand, business, and customers. Having a shipping company on your side can help you move your cargo, develop an international supply chain, or store and warehouse your items for later shipment.

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