Friday, December 9, 2022
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Here’s How Hospice Cares for You and Your Loved Ones at Home


People often misinterpret hospice care as a place. However, hospice isn’t a physical place, but it is holistic and dignified care that focuses on providing physical, psychological, social, and spiritual care not only to terminally ill patients but to the patient’s family. Though hospice care can be provided at an inpatient facility, more and more patients prefer having hospice care at their own home. 

This is because hospice care supports you or your loved one’s desire to spend the end of life in the comfort of home surrounded by family, friends, and pets. The purpose of hospice care at home services in Texas is to improve the quality of life that’s left. Hospice provides relief from pain and other symptoms as well as emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual support.

What are the Four Levels of Hospice Care?

There are four types, or levels, of hospice care:

1. Routine Home Care

Routine home care is the basic form of hospice care. When you or your loved one needs routine hospice care, the multidisciplinary hospice team of advanced home health care in Texas visits your home to offer their services. Your hospice team will design a schedule while considering the requirements of the patients and their loved ones.

2. Continuous Home Care

If there is a medical emergency or your loved one needs around-the-clock care, the hospice team will offer continuous home care. For instance, if you or your loved one suffers from severe pain that is not alleviated with the current medication, a trained nurse may stay with the patient to offer extended care and support.

3. General Inpatient Care

The hospice physician may recommend inpatient hospital or inpatient hospice stay for symptoms that can’t be controlled at home. During the inpatient stay, the team will offer assistance and care to overcome the symptoms so that you can resume routine hospice care at home.

4. Respite care   Respite care is considered short-term care that offers a much-needed break to the family caregivers. You or your loved one may get respite care at home, an inpatient hospice, a skilled nursing facility, a hospital, or any desired place. It allows family members to break from full-time care giving to focus on their own health and other liabilities.

The Takeaway

Hospice care is designed to make the last days of your life as comfortable as possible. Opting for quality, holistic hospice care allows the patients to be surrounded by loving friends, a caring family, and the comforts and warmth of home.

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