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How Global MBA Programs Can Revamp Your Career?


Today, an MBA degree is the higher education choice of most Indian graduates. Being able to work in a Management job profile in a company would open up higher salaries and better quality of life. However, there is another option in the market, a Global MBA. It is like a traditional MBA but is more internationally focused. The concentration options, students, faculty, job options are also globally offered across many countries in a Global MBA. Global MBA is offered in many of the best MBA colleges in Mumbai. It is also majorly offered at top international universities as well.


Before delving into enrolling in a Global MBA degree, one must know how this degree differs from a regular program. However, besides the basic difference in the curriculum, approach to teaching, and learning environment, there are a lot of other differences which has been elaborated on below.


What is a Global MBA?


The definition of a Global MBA is multi-faceted. For starters, a Global MBA is much like a regular MBA with differences in curriculum. The syllabus of a Global MBA is designed to train students to be able to work in an international business setting. All the regular management subjects are approached from an international perspective.


Another way of looking at a Global MBA programme is through its students and faculty. Institutes offering MBA in global management often have a diverse student population, often coming from different countries. Oftentimes, these institutes also have multiple campuses in many countries.


Global MBA vs. Regular MBA


Much of the difference between a regular MBA and a Global MBA, as stated above, is in its curriculum. The Global MBA curriculum, for instance, can include Marketing and Advertising practices in not just Facebook in the USA but also Weibo in China. Other subjects like Accounting practices and Business Law is also different in both programmes.


After completing a regular MBA course, graduates usually find employment in the same country in different organizations. These could also be multinational corporations with branches in several countries. However, Global MBA graduates are often hired to work in different countries in a wide range of job roles.


Benefits of a Global MBA


  1. Networking Opportunities: The networking opportunities in a Global MBA are immense. Since a lot of international students, faculty, and businesses are taking part in the hiring and recruiting process, one is interacting a lot. There are people from different cultures, languages, and also ethnicities. Not only with this networking help during initial job search but also in the later years when switching companies for career growth. Moreover, there are also chances to exchange and learn information quite a bit from this wide network of individuals. Individuals also develop cultural sensitivity during a Global MBA that helps when working in an MNC.
  2. Employment: The placements and employment options at a Global MBA are diverse and are quite high paying. Recruiters come seeking students with Global MBA degrees from across the world. Depending on the work experience of the candidate, the career growth scale, job location and chances of payment will vary greatly. Moreover, due to the environment of learning, students also inculcate high confidence to work in any company and department. Additionally, one gets access to large alumni network that also widnes the network for job search.
  3. Concentration Options: Within Global MBA degrees, institutes and management colleges in Mumbai usually offer concentrations during the last year of education. Generally, the common concentrations offered are Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations Management etc. On the other hand, a Global MBA offers many other concentration options besides the regular ones. Students get the option to explore more career options and explore many job titles as well. Truly, with a Global MBA, the sky’s the limit to what one can achieve. For instance, some concentrations offered are Cyber Security, Change Management, Health Care Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, etc.
  4. International Student Group: Besides all the classes, assignments, and examinations, most students look forward to the student life aspect. Specifically, chances to relax and mingle with fellow students. Most Global MBAs like the one at UBS have students from many different countries. This means there is a hotpot of cultures and languages. This is a perfect chance for individuals to learn from them and also teach about their own cultures. One is also able to better adjust later on when working in different situations. This also helps immensely with personality development and essential skills like communication skills are learnt here.
  5. Better Learning: Global MBA programmes are usually taught in a different manner than other programmes. These programmes adopt a case-based learning approach. Students are taught a concept and then given a case study where the concept is to be applied. They come up with solutions to the case study and discuss them with their peers. This practical-based learning direction is spades better than rote learning. Students are actively learning how to solve problems and experience what sort of problems they could encounter when working. Combined with multimedia and technology, the concepts and subject matter is better absorbed.
  6. Entrepreneurial Spirit: Global MBA offers an environment that helps foster idea generation and chasing the dream by equipping the students with the correct skills. Due to the nature of the curriculum, faculty and other factors mentioned above, setting up an entrepreneurial practice or one’s own business. Students with Global MBAs have a major advantage of a large student, alumni and faculty network that they then take help from and pick their brains for their businesses. Talking with potential investors also becomes considerably easier due to all the personality skills they developed here.


Global MBA degrees are a new kid on the block of Management degrees. These degrees exposes students to a diverse student, alumni and faculty team. After graduation, one is also able to seek employment on an international scale with a wide-ranging salary. There is a lot to gain from a Global MBA degree with a small investment. If one is thinking of earning a Global MBA degree, they can do so without any worry.





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