Monday, January 30, 2023
Invisalign Braces Cost Gurgaon

How much do Invisible braces cost in India?


Invisible braces are the best and latest in technology to treat misaligned teeth. They are helping people suffering from crooked teeth regain the freedom to laugh freely. The invisible braces are far better than metallic braces in terms of aesthetics and maintenance. As they are removable, they provide flexibility in eating anything, unlike the metallic braces where a patient is restricted to not eating foods that are sticky during the treatment duration. The invisible braces are very gentle in your mouth and do not cause irritation or itching since they are invisible to others, so the wearer does not get embarrassed while laughing freely.

Transparent braces cost in India?

The cumulative cost of Clear aligners or invisible braces used to correct the misaligned teeth of a person depends on several factors such as the brand of invisible braces, the complexity of the misalignment of teeth, place of treatment, number of aligners needed during the treatment, duration of treatment, and location of treatment, etc. The cost of clear aligners or invisible braces can also vary depending on which invisible braces brand or orthodontic clinic you choose for your treatment.

The invisible braces may cost you more in metros compared to smaller cities or towns. Depending on the complexity of dental misalignment, the cost also varies with the number of invisible braces you need. The invisible braces are targeted to specific categories such as simple, light, and complex categories. The simple class requires 7-set braces, the Light category 14 sets, and the complex type more than 14 sets of invisible aligners, respectively. So, with the increase in the collection of invisible braces, the cumulative cost of invisible braces varies.

Since invisible braces are far superior to metallic ones in comfort and aesthetics, they cost you a little on the higher side. The treatment is generally costly and can range between 50 000 to 70,000 rupees.

In cities like Mumbai, the cost for invisible braces will depend mainly on the number of invisible braces you need for the treatment. The more complex your teeth misalignment, the more significant the number of invisible teeth aligners you will need, which will cost you more than a person who needs only a single tooth alignment.

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So, if you are keen to achieve confident and hesitant free laughing, give 32Watts invisible braces a chance to treat your misaligned teeth.

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