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How To Accelerate the Sales Onboarding Process?


Sales onboarding provides newly hired sales reps with critical knowledge, instills business principles, and shows them how to use the firm’s resources in an easy-to-understand and timely manner. This strategy guarantees that every salesperson has all they need to succeed in the office, on the team, and the road. 

Is your company one of the 62 percent of organizations that consider themselves ineffective at onboarding new sales hires?

According to studies conducted by the Sales Management Association, new sales recruits require an average of 10 weeks of training. After then, it takes 11.2 months for them to become productive and begin providing ROI.

A well-structured sales onboarding program, in particular, helps salespeople to learn in manageable chunks, with clearly defined learning objectives and readily available onboarding materials and up to date on competitive, corporate, and product information.

How Sales Onboarding Can Decrease Ramp Time

New sales reps can expect to be on the job for anything from 6 to 12 months on average. The following approaches can be used by a strong onboarding program to optimize the onboarding process and reduce ramp time:

  • A repeatable process: It’s essential to have a well-defined, simply accessible, and standard process with clearly stated goals for the first and second weeks, first month, and so on. This approach makes a lasting impression on new salespeople and can make or break their engagement with the organization.
  • Written resources: For learning and review, information must be conveniently accessible, thus ensure sure everything is correctly recorded and convenient.
  • Goal setting: For learning and review, information must be conveniently accessible, thus ensure sure everything is correctly recorded and convenient.
  • Company experience: Allow new salespeople to gain experience in other areas of the organization, such as customer care and support, and inventory management.
  • Mentors and shadow opportunities: When new hires have many possibilities for mentoring and shadowing, they get up to speed faster. These opportunities allow reps to learn from more experienced members of the sales team in a less formal atmosphere, allowing them to ask questions and gain knowledge in a real-world context.

 Below mentioned are the five of the key takeaways:

  • Relearn how to sell virtually

A lot has changed throughout the world since March of 2020. Almost overnight, the world became more dispersed, office-less, and digital. Rather than “pressing the flesh,” we’ve had to represent the whole extent of our experience as providers and customers on a 10 x 12-inch screen. We have not invested a lot of time and effort in this as people, therefore we must now learn how to advertise electronically and rapidly develop new talents.

  • Everyone is now a seller

We now have a rather big window through which to investigate the customer experience and interactions with a brand. Every single one of these individuals, from the telemarketer to the field marketing representative, to the Customer Success Manager and channel partner, is now a salesperson, and they must all follow a uniform playbook that reflects the company brand and is related to the revenue plan. Employees must be trained and know how to apply their expertise in any situation because each interaction has the potential to earn money. And how and when each interacts with a prospect or client will differ.

  • Riverboarding is essential

Many companies put a lot of time and effort into getting ready to get ready. You can’t just onboard people since nothing is constant anymore. Rather than attempting to embed everything in your salespeople’s thoughts from the start, give them the 20% they require to get out in the field and begin working. Then, by gradually developing ability and knowledge while simultaneously optimizing in-field behavior, you can boost performance through a series of mini-onboarding events.

  • Personalization is key

Expecting two people to emerge from the same system looking and performing the same way is ridiculous. Training, delivery, and contact that considers the preferences, personality, and experience of each customer-facing individual are crucial. You’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity if you don’t personalize training.

  • Ensures accurate revenue reporting

Businesses can plan their expenses with the help of revenue forecasting. Knowing the exact expenses of sales onboarding has an impact on your revenue projections in general. Companies can make informed projections about how much revenue they’ll bring in over a set period when they have a clearer idea of the overall amount of money they can budget each month.

In a nutshell, forecasting allows firms to make critical decisions such as starting campaigns, lowering costs during certain seasons, or employing new sales representatives. Providing training on pipeline management and forecasting to each sales professional helps assure accurate revenue forecasting.

While it’s easy to think of new hire sales onboarding and continuous learning programs as two separate monsters, they’re logical extensions of one another, particularly throughout the planning and design stages. Because learning should be a continual journey, we at Mindtickle refer to all ongoing learning as “ever boarding.” We’ll look at the advantages of combining sales onboarding software and ever-boarding tactics to build a unified and successful learning path for your sellers.

About The Company:-

Leading industry analysts and research organizations have acknowledged MindTickle as the #1 Enterprise Software Product and the 5th ranked software product for sales on G2’s Best Software 2020 lists. Customers can now use MindTickle’s knowledge and resources to develop new programs or particular projects such as remote sales skills and training, as well as virtual enablement events such as a sales kickoff (SKO).

Furthermore, MindTickle is expanding its partnerships with leading sales training and methodology providers to deliver award-winning content that works in tandem with MindTickle’s personalized learning path progression, providing Sales and other customer-facing teams with the material and resources they require to increase the abilities required to close transactions faster and fulfill ever-increasing revenue targets. Sales reps will have individualized, continual reinforcement of requisite knowledge, role-play with structured coaching to assist reps to master the framework and drive the prospecting behavior needed to win when combined with MindTickle’s learning path development.

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