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Synology NAS DS1817

How to Add a RAM Module into the Synology NAS DS1817 8 Bay?


The Synology NAS DS1817 device is powered up by an intel processor which assures you that to get dual-channel wireless performance. It helps to identify the errors by detecting them and supports dual-channel memory in the long slots of the device. Moreover, it provides the solution with upgraded storage memory which offers space of up to 8 GB. Also, you get an amazing storage performance with its 1555 reading memory and 781 writing memory. It provides huge storage capacity for all your business files and data storage. The NAS storage device is perfect for large business organizations. 

You get amaze by its optimal storage performance which offers marvelous data transfer rates. It has built-in 8 GbE LAN ports which support failover functions and serve maximum storage performance. You can check its Synology 8 bay NAS DiskStation DS1817 manual to know more about the product. It can be scalable to sixteen drives simultaneously.

Install the RAM Module into the Synology NAS DS1817

You can install the RAM module into your Synology device so that you can expand its storage memory without any trouble. After installing the Synology hardware system then you can add it with the storage device. Check the following steps so that you know how you can add, check or install the RAM modules into the Synology NAS device.

Add or install the RAM module 

So after the hardware installation, turn the power off of your Synology NAS device and then disconnect all the power cables from your device. So that if you protect your NAS device from any kind of damage when you unplug the power cables. After that remove all the six screws from the top case and then put the new memory into the device. 

Put the memory card onto the memory card slot into the corner edge of the device then hold the memory card and push it towards the memory card slot. Ensure that the memory card is pushed in all the ways. To push the memory card you can use your two fingers. When you insert the memory card into the device, you will hear a click sound. After that replace the top cap from the device and tighten its parts with the help of its screws. Then reconnect those cables that you removed before and then turn on your device by pressing the power button of the NAS Diskstation.

Installation of DSM into the Synology NAS 8-Bay

Just download the Diskstation manager and log in to the home page of Synology storage as an admin. After accessing the user identification page, go to the general settings of the user. Then click on the info center and then check the control panel of the device. After then from there, you find total physical memory. Tapp on it and check that memory installs into the device or not.

How to remove the RAM module from the Synology NAS DS1817 device?

You can follow these upper discussed steps which help you to install the RAM module. This is the final step, you have to unplug the device from the power sources by removing its cables and shut down the device. After that release the module from the memory card slot by putting it into the outward direction. After that, hold or press the memory module with the help of its notches. Then remove the memory card slot. Hence you can replace the case and place it tightly to the device. Aftermost, reconnect all the power cables to the device and turn the power on of your Diskstation device. 

Installation of Diskstation Manager with the web browser interface 

You can use the web browser interface which brings the latest version to your device. You can get the latest version of the Synology storage device. So turn the power on of your Synology storage first. Then launch a secure website and enter find synology nas.. Make sure that your client device in which you are accessing its URL should connect to a stable internet connection.

When you access the login credentials page, enter your username and password safely. Now log in so that you can have access to use the Synology home page. Now tap on the connect button to start the setup procedure with the DSM of the Synology storage device. Make sure that the DSM and your computer device should be connected to the same network.

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