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How To Deal With Dandruff On Natural Hair


Although the cause of dandruff is not completely understood, it is currently theorized that one of the main causes is a breakdown of the scalps natural lipid barrier, leaving it more exposed to infection by the microscopic yeast that is commonly found in the scalp. When the yeast overgrows, it leads to an inflammatory response that kills off scalp cells at a high rate, which in turn slough off in sticky patches and flakes.

Signs Of Dandruff On Your Hair

  • White or clear flakes on the scalp, through the hair, and on clothing.
  • Itchy scalp which may be red and inflamed.

Major Causes Of Dandruff

  • Some young teens find they develop dandruff when they hit puberty because their hygiene habits haven’t changed to meet the challenges of newly accelerated sebum production.
  • Stress, poor hygiene and poor diet can make the scalp more susceptible to dandruff. High sugar foods in particular are known to exacerbate yeast infections.

Tips On How To Cure Dandruff On Natural Hair


An excess of sugar in the diet can exacerbate any yeast infection. Try reducing your intake of all sugars and refined starches while treating for dandruff. In other words, eating healthier will help combat dandruff.

Cleansing Methods:

Massage your scalp thoroughly with your fingertips when shampooing. This will help loosen and remove any dead skin flakes and help prevent the infection from continuing. Wash your hair daily until the infection is cleared up.

Brushing Method:

Brushing your hair thoroughly on a daily basis will help loosen and remove dead skin flakes, increase the smooth flow of sebum along the hair shaft, and increase blood supply to the hair follicles.

Scalp Handling:

Massaging your scalp several times a day with the pads of the fingers only will stimulate blood supply to the hair follicles and help loosen the dead skin flakes.

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The best way to avoid dandruff on your natural hair is to watch what you eat, treat your hair nicely and read more beauty care tips here!

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