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How to Drive a Semi-Automatic Car


Once you have passed your driving test, you are allowed to drive a car with intelligent manual transmission.

However, in order to become an automobile expert driver, it is also necessary to master the skills to drive cars with automatic transmissions. This article will teach you how!

The first step when learning how to drive a semi-automatic car is doing some research on the car you want to drive.

Every type of automatic transmission is different, some more complex than others. For instance, the intelligent manual transmission system (dual-clutch or automated manual) is very complicated and many people can’t even figure out how it works! However, the new generation of dual-clutch transmissions is simpler and easier to handle than older generation semi-automatic transmissions.

Knowledge is power, and it is advisable to study the operation of the intelligent manual transmission of the car you want to drive before actually sitting behind the wheel.

The second step when learning how to drive a semi-auto car is getting yourself a driving instructor who knows how to drive a manual car with an automatic transmission.

In order to drive a semi-automatic car, you must know how to drive a manual car, so it makes sense for your driving instructor to have experience in both systems of cars. In this way, he will be able to explain the differences properly and give useful advice.

While learning how to drive a semi-automatic car, be patient! There are still things that must be done by the driver, but less than if he were using a manual transmission.

The first thing you have to do when learning how to drive a semi-auto car is to switch it into neutral. Always remember that you can only change gears while the engine is running. After starting the car, put it in “N” (Neutral), release your foot from the clutch pedal and press on the gas pedal to get it going.

Once you are doing at least 25 mph, bring the vehicle under control before changing gear. To see what speed you should travel at in order to safely switch gears without losing control of your car, read below:

(Speed requirement for automatic vehicles)

  • Less than 20 mph: No gear changes allowed while driving.
  • Between 20 and 40 mph: Only a very slight movement of the gear stick will be necessary to change gear, so if you move it too quickly or abruptly, you will probably lose control of your car.
  • Over 40 mph: You should have no problem changing gears at this speed.

In order to properly change gears when learning how to drive a semi-auto car, follow these steps one by one:

How To Drive A Semi-Automatic Car, Follow These Steps?

  1. check the road ahead for other vehicles;
  2. press the clutch pedal all the way down and shift into neutral;
  3. let go of the gas pedal and take your foot off the brake (you don’t need to keep your foot on the brake while changing gear, but be careful when slowing down so you don’t lose control of your car);
  4. bring the vehicle under control by pressing on the gas pedal;
  5. select the appropriate gear using the selector lever. Don’t forget to engage it fully in order to avoid damaging the transmission!

When changing gears, be gentle with the accelerator pedal and clutch pedal. After selecting a new gear, ease off both pedals immediately. Over-acceleration or pushing too hard on either clutch or brake pedals can damage your car.

If you are used to driving manual cars, this will come naturally to you when learning how to drive a semi-automatic car. Remember that even though there is no need to change gear while the engine is running, you should always check if it is safe to do so before actually doing anything.

Finally, always be aware of your surroundings and other cars on the road when driving a semi-automatic car! You will still need to drive carefully and pay attention at all times, even more than with manual transmission cars, because you will not be able to fully concentrate on what’s happening around you while changing gears!

If possible, use your smartphone or tablet (if the vehicle has a Bluetooth connection) to listen to an audiobook during longer drives. This way you can listen and learn how to drive a semi-automatic car at the same time! If using old-fashioned CDs make sure there are no scratches on them which may cause the CD to skip.

Now that you know how to drive a semi-automatic car, you can focus on more important stuff like choosing one!

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