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How to Enable Advanced Settings on the Tenda AC1200 WiFi Router?

Tenda AC1200 WiFi Router

The Tenda AC1200 WiFi Router gives you an amazing and smooth wifi performance. You will enjoy seamless video streaming, movies, or web surfing. It offers a dual-band wifi speed of 1200 Mbps. With 5 GHz you get 865 Mbps of speed and 2.4 GHz offers 300 Mbps of speed.

Along with the dual-band feature, you are going to be amazed by its superior far-reaching wireless coverage. It can cover distant locations with more ease. You can operate or manage the router’s activities with the Tenda wifi app. Which helps you to schedule the wifi and allows you to control the LED indicators. 

The Tenda ac1200 setup supports simple configuration activities. You can enable ultimate wifi protection to your device. You get a secure wifi connection that is composed of WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WPA, WPA2 & WPS security encryptions. With its high gain signal antennas which are fully equipped with 5dBi strong antennas. Moreover, it can improve the performance by removing all the dead spots from every corner of your house.

Advanced Settings into the Tenda AC1200 WiFi Router

The advanced settings of the Tenda AC1200 WiFi Router. This includes the Tenda wifi app, Bandwidth control, Sleeping control, LED indicator control, Firewall, MAC address, or many more. If you don’t know about the advanced settings and you know but don’t know about the process then you are reading the right article.

Tenda Bandwidth Control

By enabling the bandwidth control, you can check the basic information related to your Tenda wifi router. Also, set the limit for the clients. If you want to access the bandwidth page then go to the advanced settings of your router. Now click on bandwidth control. You simply check the parameters and get the description or status of the router. After that, you can set the limit to access the page and tap on the Save button.

Tenda WiFi app

The Tenda wireless router supports the activities that you can manage by using the app around the world. You can simply manage a wifi router in LAN or remotely over the internet connection. To manage the activities of your Tenda router, firstly install it on your mobile devices. Also create your account which is a very basic step. After that open the Tenda WiFi app. Now enter your login username and wifi password to access the Tenda wifi app.

After taking all the major steps now click on the register button. Also, tap on the ‘click here to confirm’ option so that you can activate the valid time

After creating your account successfully, now visit advanced settings and tap on the Tenda WiFi app. Now click on manage with the Tenda app and switch on the button and finally click on the Save button.

LED Indicator Control

If you want to control the settings of the LED control then you can set it with the LED indicator. Simply access the configuration page of the Tenda normal router. Also, visit the advanced settings and select the LED control option. You can schedule the timings also or put the button always on or off.

Firewall protection

The firewall protection for the security of the Tenda wireless router helps you to save from internet threats, hacks, attacks, or many more. It provides protection and security to your network connection. If you want to enable it then open the web browser and type Also, log in to the web pager. Once you are login into the device, go to the advanced settings of the Tenda router. Now click on the firewall option and turn it on. 

Review of the Tenda AC1200 WiFi Router

The AC1200 Router is feasible with simple installation at your home. It is ideal for the home network and can be easily fit anywhere in your house. It does not take more space but install it at that place where it provides you the optimum wifi connection. Moreover, it is durable in nature. As it has a dual-band feature that provides dual-band wifi connectivity to your client devices. If you are also a football player or love to watch live matches on TV. Then you find it ideal for your usage. Without dropping a single range it provides a seamless internet connection. So you can also enjoy your streaming activity with your friends or families. 

If you are a tech-savvy person then you don’t find it cumbersome. The superior wireless connection becomes a part of your daily routine life when you have the Tenda wifi router.

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