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Auto flowering Seeds

How To Grow The Largest Yield With Auto-flowering Seeds


Auto-flowering feminized seeds have has become a popular seed in the market, and buyers are going crazy for the qualities these seeds offer. They have earned the reputation they deserve; most importantly, they have earned a place in your garden. Most of the growers are now increasingly growing auto-flowering feminized seeds or pot seeds in the USA, but most people usually face issues growing the biggest yield with the seeds.

So to help you out, we have gathered some important points with which you can reach the results you want. 

Read on the article and check out more details. 

Auto flower feminized seeds are amazingly fast in growth, and they do not depend on the light hours to flower. They grow flowers more conveniently and help the growers to earn a good profit at each plant. This is the reason why auto flower seeds are becoming growers’ favorite. 

“Note: Autoflower seeds are known to be high-quality seeds in the market.”

There are several things growers can do to encourage bigger yields from their auto-flowers.

Grow Auto flowers In Their Final Containers: 

Auto-flowering runs through seedling to the stash process within around 60-90 days. When auto-flowers are stressed due to transplanting, their growth automatically stops or slows down. With this, the seeds take time to bloom, and the yield suffers. Therefore, to max your yield, you should plant the seeds directly into the containers- but ensure to take an ideal size container to avoid any issue. Instead, you can germinate them using the paper towel method and then put them straight into large pots. 

Use Bigger Pots:

Always plant the seeds into a bigger container- the bigger pot allows the seeds’ roots to develop properly. If you take a small pot to plant the seeds, the development of the seeds slowdowns, and then it will take time to bloom. 

Note: You must use 15–20-liter pots to maximize results without overwhelming your plants.”

Support Plant Structure:

Either you choose to grow seeds indoors or outdoors, you need to give support to the plants to keep their buds healthy and plants upright. There are several ways with which you can give support to your plants like tie up any rope with the plant to the strong source, use bamboo stakes and strings, and more. 

If the plant grows with a healthy and ideal procedure, the yield will automatically become potent and good. As a grower, you need to ensure to keep everything up to the mark if you want to grow your yield with the right process. 


Autoflowering seeds have changed the way hemp is grown worldwide. Though some growers are strict about the quality of their Autoflower seeds in the USAbut the market is full of misconceptions and rumors like autoflower seeds are less potent, hardscrabble, and more

So here, let’s check out the four biggest myths about autoflower seeds in the USARead on!

Autoflowering Seeds Are Less Effective:

This is one of the biggest and common myths circulating in the industry, but it’s absolutely wrong. This rumor was spread around the time of the release of the original Lowryder strain.

seeds autoflower

Lowryder strain was released with the goal of providing the medicinal benefits to the users, and it was released ten years ago. But this seed is less potent as compared to other varieties of hemp seeds available in the market. However, a lot has changed now in the industry- autoflower seeds in the USA has become a known name due to its qualities.

Autoflowering Strains Produce Low Yields:

This is another common myth about the autoflower seeds and is completely wrong. This myth was also circulated at the same time as the release of Lowryder strain. However, most of the seeds produce low yields because of their genetics, but autoflower seeds are not one of them.

Note: The main factors on which the growth of the seeds depend are the genetics of the seeds, the strength of your lights, and other factors of the environment under which you are growing your seeds.”

AutoFlower Seeds Can’t Be Transplanted:

This myth is half true- transplanting auto-flowering seeds is a bit challenging than transplanting regular seeds. However, to avoid any complications during their grow cycle, cultivators are advised to plant their autoflowering seeds in a container though it is possible to transplant the autoflower seeds only with the utmost care and gentle processing.

Here, the biggest challenge that comes at the time of transplanting auto flowers is cutting down the roots, which consequently cuts down the plant’s growth for around seven days. This is the important section to focus on as most of the seeds live only between 60-90 days.

However, letting your plants get rootbound can be harmful to their growth- so if you have an autoflowering plant grown in a container, and you think it could get rootbound, then do not delay to transplant it.

In order to lower down the risk of negative effects of transplanting, check out the following techniques;

  • Always transplant the seeds or the plants in the same soil it was growing.
  • Try to transplant autoflower plants before their dark period.
  • Water the medium in which you are planning to move your plants.
  • Make sure your transplanted plants aren’t sitting deeper in the soil than they were before.

Autoflowering Strains Don’t Flower In Time:

How To Know If Your Feminized Auto-flower Seed Has Been Pollinated

It is obvious that the flowering time could vary depending upon the variety of autoflowering seeds- few of the seeds could be harvested in between 60 to 90 days. If you are growing seeds into a natural environment and taking care of it with all the regulations, then the harvesting time becomes quite quick.

“Note: Always harvest the plants at the perfect time- not so early and not too late- farmers understand the exact value of timing during the harvesting scenario.”

Moreover, some variables could differ on the basis of environmental changes like a slight change in temperature, nutrient dosage, water availability, and more. All these factors impact the autoflowering plant growth. These factors can easily change a plant’s growth by anywhere from 7 to 10 days, which will then push back your harvest.

The myths regarding auto-flowering seeds are not limited to these four; there are many like auto-flowering seeds or Mephisto genetics seeds need twenty-hours light; these seeds cannot be cloned and more. But here, differentiating the right and wrong is your responsibility if you are the buyer of Autoflower seeds in the USAIf you do not understand the difference, you could face the major challenges at the time of harvesting plants.

It has become a trend among breeders and home growers to keep male plants away from their females. For good reasons this trend took place in the market and now the result is out Pollination from males results in developing seeds from females. As a result, female plants’ energy focuses on seed production rather than growing some good quality buds. But this unfortunate product can be avoided by following some of the basic tricks. 

When you know the procedure to identify male plants, then you can easily remove these plants to save your female plants. Moreover, the quality packed seed banks located in the USA also remove male plants to allow the female plants to produce high-quality seeds. 

Moving forward, identifying a pollinated female plant allows you to start again before you miss the opportunity of growing quality seeds. Continue reading the article and learn how to check if the female plant has been pollinated;

Among the early signs that your female plant has been pollinated are the bracts. Her bracts become larger. When you grow a female plant, its bracts are small with a leaf-like structure, but when they grow, then become larger in size. This structure protects the females’ reproductive parts. 

One of the good tests to see whether the bracts have swollen is to take a pair of tweezers, grab one bract and open it up. If there is a seed inside, then you have a pollinated plant. Another indication of pollination can be the color of her pistil hair. Once the female plant has been pollinated, then the previous white hair will soon shrink and become darker. 

Remove Male Plants 

Pollination needs the presence of male plants and crossover of plants due to which female plants produce pollen. Here the first thing you need to do is remove male plants from the area. 

“Note: Keep male plants away from the female plants, especially during the first three weeks of flowering- it is important to check for possible male specimens in your garden.”

What To Do When Female Plants Get Pollinated?

Identifying male plants in the initial days and removing them quickly can save your female plants from getting pollinated. Moreover, the best action to take is to get rid of male plants and grow new female plants for quality of buds.


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