Friday, February 3, 2023

How to improve skateboarding


Now that you’re used to skateboarding, it’s time to learn how to improve your basic learning.


From time to time in life, we feel stuck at the same point and become unable to move forward. Repeating the same thing you know over and over again will give you the same results and will be boring.


Improve your skateboarding


Skaters inevitably fall off their boards while practicing: this is not their question, but when it happens during their session. The old adage “If you don’t fail, you’re not trying hard enough” is especially true in the world of skateboarding – skaters need to improve their skills.


If a fall is inevitable, you need to learn how to fall off a skateboard. By doing this, skaters condition themselves to embrace fear and reduce potential injuries. Newcomers who are accustomed to falling fast put themselves in the best position to quickly improve their abilities.


When I’m fighting a strategy, I often let myself fall for showing that it’s not so bad to do. The more you are afraid of falling, the more likely you are to hurt yourself when you do it yourself because your body is compressed and agitated by fear. Continue reading practice and you will become more confident in your failures, preparing yourself for long-term success in your skating practice.




If you think it’s the best you can, you’re not.  Make sure you have the basics of skating before you improve your skateboarding skills. If you’re trying to get better, tricks like Ollies and Kickflips should already be known.


Surround yourself with the best:


Acquiring skills allows you to indulge in people who are far better than you and can dramatically improve your skills. You can learn their talents and skills, ask questions and become a better skateboarder all-around. However, some people do not have the leverage to be able to skate with others or skaters who are better than themselves. But we all have the internet and watch videos of talented skaters and discover that you and they are doing something different.




Sometimes it’s very difficult to be positive when you’re down. Let’s say you’ve been practicing this skating trick for quite some time and you can get it. Want to move on to another trick? But to keep pushing, you need to change your mind. Skating is one of the most difficult sports to learn in the world, and patience and practice can be the key to finding ways to improve skateboarding.


Get rid of all the junk and negative thoughts in your mind when you go skateboarding, skating should be a place where you can enjoy and enjoy it, your mind Clean it. If you start to feel burnout on your skates, take a break for a week or two. So when you come back, you feel positive and have sparked in you to push harder.


Lamps and risks


Take the risk, now I’m not talking about trying to learn how to skate off a cliff and land straight, take the risk by trying to learn new things. My recommendation is to buy a lamp and use it to perform more difficult and bold tricks. This can only make you a better skater over time and dramatically increase your skill level.




To improve your skateboarding, you need to keep learning hard. Surrounded by more experienced people, keep your head high when you look stiff. There are many other guides in the stratosphere!


Good luck on your skateboarding trip!


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