Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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How to Increase Productivity through Office Cleaning


Did you know that the state of your workplace affects how well you perform at work and in the office? If your workspace is cluttered, so is your mind, and your brain tends to go into sensory overload. You’d feel overwhelmed, stressed, and your immune system will take a hit too, especially with the allergens and germs going around.

Keep yourself safe from bacteria and viruses, and keep your work mindset ready for a full day of tasks by cleaning your office. A little cleaning goes a long way, and is worth it to get your productivity going, especially during those Monday blues.

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Focus your energy on your work and not the mess.

How can you focus when there are food wrappers and dirt collecting all-around your office desk and floors? Your eyes tend to focus on the loudest, most distracting sights in your line of vision. These may be the colorful food wrappers you have on your desk or the clutter of items all over the background.

Cleaning up helps to keep your focus where it’s supposed to be – your work. At the end of the day, you’d have done a lot more work in a clean office than a dirty one, causing you to work overtime less and use up less energy trying to focus on your daily tasks.

Reduces allergens and dust.

Dust, pollen, fur, and more allergens can be hiding in your office. These allergens can cause you to sneeze a lot, distracting you from your work, and making it more difficult to finish the tasks you have been assigned. 

By doing some general cleaning, you can get rid of 70%-80% of the common allergens plaguing your office. Not only will you and your coworkers feel better, but you also eliminate the allergens that you may be bringing home from work as well! 

Organize your documents and files.

Getting your documents organized helps you to find them the next time you need them. Organizing is part of cleaning, and is essential in office cleaning, especially when dealing with confidential and important files. You wouldn’t want to accidentally throw out those project contracts and data analysis! 

By storing your files, and organizing them in separate folders, envelopes, or cases, you can minimize the time it takes you looking for these items. You’ll also get to optimize your file system, both for digital files and physical documents. 

Keeps germs away from the workplace.

With filth comes germs, and these germs, bacteria, and viruses can get into your body and make you sick. You and your coworkers are all at risk of spreading diseases, and you can bring these germs into your car, home, and to your family when you’re not careful. 

Daily disinfection is good practice around the office, particularly if you know someone in the office is sick. Disinfect your countertops with some hand sanitizer, spray an aerosol disinfectant around the air, and get those fabrics cleaned in the laundromat regularly to minimize the germs going around the office. Isolate sick coworkers, and let them work from home if necessary. 

Breathe in cleaner air.

An air purifier around the office helps in circulating clean air and removing any dirt and dust particles that we may end up breathing in. Breathing cleaner air removes the pathogens and pollutants that are present in the city air and keeps your lungs healthy. 

Air circulation is just one of the many aspects that can be improved in a standard office setting. By cleaning the office environment, you get to clean the air conditioner filter, the filter for the air purifier, and the fans, creating better air circulation and cleaner air quality as well.

Keep your office looking professional.

Last but not least, keeping your office clean makes it look professional, which improves your productivity as you get into the work mindset the second you step into your workplace. We tend to conform to the environment around us, and keeping the office professional makes us want to keep a professional face too. 

With a professional-looking office, clients are more likely to have a good impression of your business, rather than looking down on your business. You’re more likely to successfully strike a deal with a client in a clean, pristine environment than a dirty one. Keeping individual office desks and cubicles clean is also a sign of professionalism on the employee’s part. 

Rinku Malik is a regular contributor at newmozi.com and gopostbox.com, Codeplayon.com. He is a digital marketer, passionate with his work, and likes to serve the services of SEO, WordPress website management, and Social media marketing.