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Netgear Insight Airbridge

How To Modify The Netgear Insight Airbridge Settings?


The Netgear Insight Airbridge is a wireless Airbridge that can deploy at different locations to extend the network range up to 9000 square feet. It works very well when it deploys point to multipoint or point to point. It has a Gigabit port at the bottom which allows the users to add external; devices such as laptops, cameras, etc. It delivers 500MBps and 1150MBps if it is deployed at a distance of 500 ft. and 9000 ft. respectively. It comes with a weather-resistant feature that offers to withstand even bad conditions such as rain, sunlight, snow, etc. Therefore, it is suitable for outdoor conditions such as gardens, halls, etc. The wall-mounted design allows the users to fit the Airbridge directly onto the wall. As no hardware does require, it will save cost.

The Netgear wbc502 can access from anywhere just by logging into the web management page or by its app.

Features Of The Netgear Insight Airbridge

Network Coverage and Speed

The network coverage of this airbridge is very impressive. If you deploy the airbridge at different spots, it can extend the range up to 9000 square feet with a speed of 150MBps. The two-gigabit ports also offer to connect the external device and speed up the setup process.

Design and Compatibility

Its design is sleek and small, therefore it can be placed even in small areas. The inbuilt weather-resistant feature allows you to settle this device in harsh conditions like snow, rain, etc. It can run easily on almost 32+ devices like phones, laptops, etc. The IP security camera can connect to monitor illegal activities. The wall mount panel on its back saves the hardware cost to place the airbridge.

Simple Setup and Cloud Access

The setup of this Airbridge is simple and also can be done using the web browser and an app. Just create a new Netgear account to log in and access all the settings related to the airbridge anywhere. One year free subscription allows the users to manage all the settings from their smartphone.

Setting Up The Netgear Insight Airbridge

Open the box safely from the shipment box and take out your airbridge, ethernet cable, and user manual. Real all the instrux=ctions mentioned in the user manual. Now enable the Airbridge mode and also connect to the computer wirelessly by login in to the web management page. The web management or Day zero setup page also displays management mode, country, time zone, etc. Manage the changes as you need and save them.

Using Web Interface

Now a new window with login will open. Type in the address box. Enter the SSID network name and also the security key labeled on the bottom or back of the airbridge. Accept the conditions and privacy policy of Netgear and hit the enter button. That’s it, you can now access all the settings related to the Netgear airbridge in just one click. You can also connect the Netgear airbridge using an ethernet cable by inserting it onto the LAN port available on the bottom of the airbridge. 

Using an App

The Netgear Insight app can download free from the Store available on every mobile device. You can also download the apk file by visiting the official Netgear website. Now create a Netgear account after entering the Username and security key. Your account has been created successfully and now you are also able to manage all the settings in just one tap.

To Change The Netgear Insight Airbridge Name

To change the name of the airbridge, follow these steps

Firstly, log in to the browser. The full login procedure mention above. After successfully login in, you will also forward to the web management page. Select the wireless option available under the security. There is an option with AP name, click on it. Enter the name you want. The AP name should be in alphabets and not greater than 15 characters. You will now see a new pop-up indicating the settings also apply after clicking on the save button.

Specify The WiFi Distance between Two Netgear Insight Airbridge

Login to the web browser using a Netgear account. Also, agree with Netgear’s privacy policy and terms. After login, select the wireless option and then choose the distance field. Fill in the distance in km at which Airbridge is located.  You will now see a new pop up with settings applied after clicking on the save button.

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