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Mercusys DB WiFi Router

How To Perform Advanced Configuration In Mercusys DB WiFi Router?


If you wish to enjoy the high-speed internet or Wifi network connectivity in your home then you can enjoy it with the wireless router. Because the SIM card internet connectivity is not sufficient for the high-speed internet connectivity. Because it only provides limited network connectivity and network connectivity is slow. But the wireless router provides high-speed network connectivity and the network connectivity is unlimited. If you usually use the Mercusys DB Wifi router then you accurately enjoy the high-speed internet connectivity. The network signals are more stable & reliable. The network coverage is too big with two powerful external antennas. The powerful antennas bring in this router that improves the network coverage as well as wireless network signals. This network router is more compatible with all the client devices and seamlessly delivers network signals. 

The Mercusys router is powered by 802.11AC network standard that is thoroughly faster than the N standard. If your router has the N standard then it delivers interrupted network signals. But the AC network is more stable & faster than the N network. If you wish to know the firmware version then you need to login into the account but if your mercusys router login password forgot. Then you cannot log in to the account. If you wish to forget the password then you have to click the forget option. 

Perform Advanced Configuration of the Mercusys DB WiFi Router

If you wish the network signals of the Mercusys router improved or boosted then you need to configure the setting. Because the setting is the major part to improve the network signals as well as network coverage. In this router, the advanced configuration is also necessary otherwise the network signals are slow. If you really wish to perform the advanced configuration then you definitely follow some ways. 

Configure network settings

In the network setting of the Mercusys router, the 5 networks are included as WAN setting, LAN setting, MAC address setting, DHCP server, and IP & MAC Binding. In the WAN setting of the network setting, you need to configure the connection types, username, password, Dial mode. After configuring the network setting you can click the save option. Now, you configure the LAN setting of the Mercusys wireless router. In this setting, you configure the MAC address, LAN IP setting, IP address, & subnet mask. After configuring the LAN setting you need to save this setting then click the Save option. The MAC address setting is also necessary to enhance the network as well the network coverage.

Under this, you use the router’s MAC address. Now you need to configure the DHCP server, in this setting you enter the start IP address or end IP address. Enter the primary or secondary DNS and click the save setting. Now the network setting of the Mercusus dual-band router is properly configured in an accurate manner. 

2.4GHz wireless network configuration

If you wish to configure the 2.4 GHz wireless network then easily configure it. In this setting, the three networks are included as host, guest, & WDS. firstly click the host network and then configure the network name, password, channel, mode, channel width, transit power, AP isolation. This setting is configured in the host network and then properly saved. Now the terms in the guest network, in this network you configure the Guest network, network name password, access my local network, downstream bandwidth, set guest access time. In the same manner, you also configure the WDS network in the proper manner. 

5GHz wireless network

The 5GHz wireless network is the most suitable network for gaming, streaming & downloading. If you wish to configure the network then you need to know how many networks support it. Then it supports the host & WDS network. Now, the Guest & WDS network configure in the same manner that follows in the 2.4 GHz wireless network. 

Network control

The network control setting is most suitable for children and internet access users. If you properly save your internet of the Mercusys router then you need to configure the parental control. But for this, you have to log in to the account. With mwlogin net, you simply log in to the account and then visit the network control setting and quickly enable the parental control. After enabling the parental control you also enable the access control features. 

System tools of Mercusys DB WiFi Router

The system tools are the most useful setting of the Mercusys router. Tio the advanced configuration the system tools setting is important. In this setting, you easily configure many settings such as time setting, firmware upgrade, Backup & Restore, login password. After configuring the system tools, setting your Mercusys router absolutely performs well and you access high-speed Wifi network connectivity.

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