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How to remove the thermostat from the Mytotalconnectcomfort app?


To permanently delete your account from the TCC app, visit the application that you have already signed in. Go to “My Account” at the top left corner of the app, and tap on the “Edit My Profile” option that comes below in the “My Profile” option. Scroll down to click the “Delete My Account” option, you will be asked to submit your pre-set password before you do the final process. Type that correctly and tap on the “Submit” option. The page will refresh automatically and come back to the Sign-up page, now you un-install the TCC app and re-install it if you want. This is one way to remove the thermostat from the device. or visit: mytotalconnectcomfort app

Similarly erasing a particular location is also pretty easy, visit the “My Location” window in your account. Select the location that you want to be gone and tap on the settings icon that displays above it, the information page will arrive next. View the bottom of the location page and click on “Delete my Location” to permanently delete the chosen pinpoint. Now you need to start again by giving the device location access in order to gain access over the service one more.

Now, to delete a gateway from the TCC app, again visit the “My Location” window. Again, select your home location and click on the setting icon that displays above it. The location info page opens, scroll down and tap on the delete/dustbin icon at the bottom of the page. If you have multiple IDs then you must know which one to delete, by matching them to the corresponding details accordingly. Confirm that and delete your thermostat from the TCC app completely, the Honeywell device will no longer be visible on the front screen, from now onwards. This is the second way to remove the TCC app from the device. Visit the FAQs section on the official site, if you have more doubts.

How to connect Alexa with the mytotalconnectcomfort app?

Step 1. As you know, mostly Honeywell devices are eligible for connection with the mytotalconnectcomfort application. Although to connect it with Amazon Alexa, you don’t have to do anything with the TCC app or device. Visit the Alexa app which is previously installed on your smartphone and download the and go to the “Skills Database” section in the settings menu.

Step 2. It can also be accessed over a computer or you can directly open your Alexa account on any webpage (type in Tap on the “Add Device” option and select “Honeywell” from the below-showing list, press on “Enable Skill” then. Once connected with the Honeywell thermostat, it enables voice integration usage on the app.

Step 3. Now you directly provide orders by speaking out loud. If your device is not displaying click on “Discover devices” to find out the native device in your area. Note: The distance should be nearby within range of the Alexa device (Echo Dot 2, Echo Dot 3), in order to accept the command. For more details tap on this link and find your answers there.

Step 4. Anyhow, the voice instruction feature has certain limitations as well, it may not understand a complicated order but it works fine with simple ones. They are “Alexa, raise the temperature to 25 degrees C”, “Alexa, turn off the heater/AC”, etc. basic commands. Get more help by visiting Amazon Smart Help Forum or check compatibility before syncing them together.

Which Total Connect Comfort thermostats are supported by Amazon Alexa?

Generally, all the Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats are supported by Amazon Alexa. All the models from the beginning have the voice acceptance feature in them. Other than the Honeywell thermostat no other thermostat supports the My total connect comfort application. It is specifically made for controlling the Honeywell thermostats via mobile phone. Nonetheless, there is a random word in the market that the application may be used by local companies in the future to gain access to their thermostat through the TCC app. Apart from this, all type of Wi-Fi signals with various frequency bandwidth (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) is accepted by the app and the thermostat both. They can also be controlled through the REDLINK Web Gateway service. Feel free to request an inquiry on, site and you will receive help from the support team quite soon

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