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Amplifi Alien WiFi system

How To Resolve WiFi Disconnection Issue Of Amplifi Alien WiFi System?


The Amplifi Alien is a dual-band mesh WiFi 6 system that provides network connectivity to all devices. In today’s time, every home has a networking device and these devices need a network to work. If these devices cannot get network connectivity then this device is of no use. Then, available on all the devices in your home you can use the Amplifi Alien WiFi system. This device delivers network connectivity to all the devices and your device works well. The network signal of this device is very powerful & more reliable. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of the vacuum cleaner then you can easily connect this device to the network of the Amplifi router. The 802.11AX network is enhanced in this device that is completely better than the N network.

The Amplifi WiFi system absolutely works with 2 mesh points & 1 router. The mesh point absolutely extends the network coverage and network signals also boost. The router of this WiFi system, the touchscreen display are built-in. Then with this screen, you can easily operate the amplifi alien router in a quick manner. The network coverage of this device is wider & seamless. 

Why is there a WiFi disconnection issue in the Amplifi Alien WiFi System?

The Amplifi wireless mesh system delivers stable network connectivity in the long-range area. The network connectivity signal is more powerful & fast. But sometimes the WiFi disconnection issue comes due to which the user is not able to enjoy the WiFi connectivity to the fullest. There could be some reasons for the WiFi disconnection issue which is as follows.

  • Many clients connect to the WiFi system
  • Some viruses
  • Wrong wireless channel
  • Firmware update issue
  • Wrong cable connection
  • Configure wrong setting

Brilliant ways to Resolve WiFi Disconnection Issue Of Amplifi Alien WiFi System

If you connect the mobile device to the WiFi system and your mobile phone repeatedly keeps disconnecting. Then you should verify the issue. If you want to fix the issue manually then you follow some brilliant steps below and fix the issue.

Remove virus with the help of antivirus software

If your device has a virus then it is common to have WiFi disconnection problems in it. If you wish to resolve the issue then you should verify the antivirus. In this case, If the antivirus is there then you need to remove this virus. If you really wish to remove the virus from the WiFi system, then you can install the antivirus software. With the help of antivirus, you can easily remove the virus. You can visit the web utility and install the antivirus. After installing the antivirus, you can use it. With this software, you quickly remove the virus from the WiFi system in a quick manner. 

Change the WiFi password

If you use the Amplifi WiFi system and the WIFi disconnection issue comes then the user cannot enjoy the network connectivity. If you really wish to resolve the WiFi disconnection issue then you can change the WiFi password. Because the default password is admin and everyone is aware that your device can be hacked and everyone connects their device. If many devices will be connected to the WiFi system, then it is obvious that there will be problems like WiFi disconnection. Then, you can visit the WiFi system setting and select the wireless setting in the setting list. Under the wireless setting, you can select the password option and quickly change the WiFi password. 

Upgrade the Alien WiFi System firmware

The firmware of the Alien WiFi system is most important. This firmware absolutely enhances the network signals. If the firmware is outdated then the WiFi disconnection issue comes. So for this, you should keep checking the firmware version of your device. If you wish to check the firmware version of the Amplifi WiFi system, you visit amplifi.lan and select the advanced setting. Under this setting, you will easily find out the firmware option. Then, you can select the firmware option and use the new & latest firmware file. If the latest file does not download then you should update it. After that, update the firmware of the Alien WiFi system. 

Disconnect multi-device

If multiple devices connect to the Amplify WiFi system then you should disconnect it to resolve the WiFi disconnection issue. If multiple devices connect to the Amplify WiFi system then you should disconnect it. So you can change the password in settings and you can easily disconnect multiple devices.

Restart the Amplifi wireless system 

If you really resolve the WiFi disconnection issue then you can restart the WiFi system. Because restarting the device is the best solution to resolve all the issues. If you wish to restart the device then you can use the power ON/OFF button and smoothly press it for a few seconds. After that your device is turned then you can leave this device for some minutes. After that, again turn ON with the power button. 

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