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How to Tell If Your Weed Tolerance Is High


Since the human body is highly durable and adaptable, heavy smokers can require numerous 10mg dosages to feel THC functioning on their bodies. After smoking numerous times a day, you may realize that the intense buzz or soothing high that cannabis from the best same day delivery weed Ottawa was used to provide is no longer as potent.

To determine if your weed tolerance is high, examine how a single smoking session affects your body and compare it to how it was previously. Is it necessary to smoke more than half a joint to get symptom alleviation or calm? Have you begun to purchase higher THC products? If you answered yes, you have a high level of weed tolerance.

Tolerance Break Length

There isn’t a common consensus of that is the ideal tolerance break length. Some people say 2 weeks is enough, and others say 4 weeks is the best period. However, the best cannabis tolerance break length depends on you, your body, and your smoking patterns.

Because we know this might be a hard journey to explore alone, we will outline the essential characteristics of different weed t-break to help you find a length that works for you. Nevertheless, you have to be completely honest with yourself during this process. Don’t make decisions based on how much you miss smoking, and instead, focus on returning your body to a state where it can fully enjoy the effects of cannabis.

3 Day Tolerance Break

As we previously mentioned, everybody works differently. Hence, the length of your t-break will vary according to your needs and smoking pattern.

Still, a 2015 study shows that your endocannabinoid receptors reset after about 48 hours. In fact, anecdotal evidence proves that users manage to better experience the effects of cannabis after a 3-day tolerance break. Moreover, this time frame works perfectly for medical marijuana patients, as a long weed tolerance break could significantly impact their well-being if you consume medicinal cannabis, please do your 3-day tolerance break under the guidance of your physician.

The best way to start a cannabis tolerance break is by picking a start and end date. Make sure your t-break happens during a calm time in your life, like a week where you don’t have much going on. That way, you will be able to observe your body and mind and better deal with some withdrawal symptoms that may appear.

Hide all your stash and paraphernalia away, and make sure that you tell your support system you are taking a t-break. That way, they will support you and try to help you stick to the plan.

5 Day T-Break

If you want to give your body more time to reset and better enjoy cannabis afterward, a 5-day t-break is a great alternative, too. The rules are the same: place your stash and smoking devices in a place where you can easily ignore them and communicate with your friends or family.

Smokers like to take a 5-day t-break during the weekdays so that they can fully relax and enjoy weed on the weekend. Doesn’t it sound like a good plan? If you aren’t a heavy smoker but still have a tolerance buildup, this cannabis tolerance break length is perfect for you.

However, you must become aware of some withdrawal symptoms. These aren’t as intense as withdrawal from alcohol and other substances, but they can still make you uncomfortable.

Some cannabis tolerance break withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite loss
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vivid dreams
  • Mood swings

To ease these symptoms, hydrate well, exercise, and use over-the-counter medications to deal with your headaches and nausea. Moreover, these conditions might make you crave weed from the Best edibles delivery Ottawa, but you must keep yourself accountable and push harder.

The good news is that these withdrawal symptoms only last the three first days of your weed tolerance break. After this, your body will start to process the situation and adapt to it.

1 Month T-Break

If 72 hours is just enough to get your ECS back to where it used to be before you indulged in cannabis, why would anyone want to go on 1 month t-break?

Well, some users take this weed tolerance break to flush THC out of their system completely, but remember it will stay in your hair fibers for about 90 days. This is because they are heavy smokers who have entirely forgotten what it felt like to be high or at least enjoy cannabis’ beneficial effects on their bodies.

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