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HP Color Laser Printer Test Page – A Complete Guide


HP printers work perfectly except when you configure them or change the toner. After making these changes, you must check if the HP printer is working well or not by giving a printer test page.

Through this, you can confirm that the printer and your PC are communicating properly with each other. You can access the test page feature via the HP toolbox which is the printer driver’s part itself.

Printing a test page helps you identify multiple problems such as blocked printheads, alignment issues, etc. Similarly, you can also print an HP color test page to verify that your ink cartridges are working fine.

If you haven’t worked on printing or did not use it for a long time, the ink can dry out leading to printhead blockage. Hence, by printing a printer test page you can maintain the quality and enhance your printer’s life.

Printing An HP Test Page 

Let’s dive into the complete details of printing test pages in an HP printer. We have explained the instructions for both Windows as well as Mac users.

For Windows 7

  • Click ‘Start’.
  • Now tap on ‘Devices & Printers’.
  • After that, a fresh window will appear, there tap on ‘Printer and Faxes’, and find the printer for the printer test page on HP.
  • Choose ‘Printer Properties’ by right-taping on the HP printer.
  • On the new window, tap on ‘Print Test Page’. Now your printer will complete the rest of the task.

For Windows 10

  • Navigate to ‘Control Panel’ inside ‘Hardware and Sound’.
  • Hit ‘View Devices & Printers’.
  • Come below to the section ‘Printers’ and there the default printer will have a green checkmark.
  • Right-tap on the particular printer, on which you want the printer test page and choose ‘Printer Properties’.
  • Thereafter, a dialogue box will come up.
  • Just tap on ‘Print Test Page’ to start printing.

For Mac

  • Hit ‘System Preferences’ once you open the Apple menu.
  • Check the operating system version then choose ‘Print & Fax’, ‘Print & Scan’, or ‘Printers & Scanner’s icon.
  • Thereafter select your printer and tap on ‘Open Print Queue’.
  • At last, go to the printer menu and tap on Print Test Page.

Printing An HP Test Page via HP Toolbox

You can utilize the HP toolbox also to print an HP test page. The steps are:

  • Go to ‘Start’.
  • Then tap on ‘All Programs’,
  • Find the HP Toolbox under the folder of HP.
  • Hit ‘Printer Services’ followed by tapping on Printer Test Page under it.

Color Test Page on Your HP Printer

A color test page is also available for printers that utilize four or even more colors. The printer test page in color assists in the detection of color duplication as well as the cleaning of the printhead.

  • Here ‘Rainbow bars’ will help the print head to align better and prevent colors from printing in unnecessary areas.
  • The ‘Radial gradients’ help in identifying color duplication and checking that the printhead is capable of processing that color printing.

Note: Remember that you can take the HP color test page for all printers such as Epson Printer, HP laser Printer, Brother Printer, Canon Printer, and others.

HP Printer Black & White Test Page

An ‘Intensities graph’ is also included on the black HP printer test page that works effectively on greyscale. The ‘radial gradients’ assists users in determining if the print head can produce the correct quantity of color. The ‘Rainbow bars’ support the alignment of the printhead, ensuring accurate printouts.

You can take black & white HP test pages on printers such as HP laser Printer, Canon, Epson, Brother Printer, etc.

Analyzing Printer Test Pages

Once you print a test page on the HP printer, you will learn the printing problems your printer is suffering. If there are some text breaks, experts recommend a correct printhead cleaning cycle. The printer test page helps in wiping the print heads properly. But before running a test page, run the cleaning first.

Final Words

So, this is how you can perform the HP color laser printer test page to help detect any issues in your printer and resolve them correctly. Not only color, but you can print black and white test pages as well through the steps mentioned above. Finally, we hope this post helped you understand everything about the HP printer test page and other related aspects.

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