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HSQ Resist Supplier: All You Need to know about an HSQ Resist


Today’s world has seen massive growth in the storage and processing of electrical data. When striving for sub-20-nm resolution, a relatively new e-beam resist called hydrogen silsesquioxane (HSQ) is ideal. Again, it is available in both liquid and powder form when you purchase from the top HSQ Resist Suppliers.

In recent years, hydrogen silsesquioxane (HSQ) has been extensively studied as a popular negative resist. Its high-resolution capability, little line edge roughness, great etch resistance, and superb stability all contribute to this.

The hydrogen silsesquioxane (HSQ) offers the best resolution and etches resistance of all the EBL resists. Although HSQ is commonly utilized as a spin-on dielectric, it offers several properties that could be valuable in the NIL business.

Before contacting your HSQ resist supplier, let’s learn more about the HSQ resist and advanced microlithography process materials.

What is HSQ Resist?

HSQ resist is a negative tone resist, with a high resolution and great etch resistance. EBL can be used to pattern HSQ, a SiO2-like material. Its glass-like stiffness makes it a good material for making imprinters.

H-SiOx (HSQ) is a semiconductor grade polymer based on silsesquioxane that can be used as a negative tone resist for;

  • Electron beam patterns
  • Nanoimprint lithography
  • Step and Flash Imprint Lithography (SFIL).
  • EUV

You can use EBL can to create imprinters for the NIL process in a variety of ways. You can start by using a positive resist and depositing metal, then removing the resist and etching the non-metal portions. Or a negative resist, such as Hydrogen Silsesquioxane, which is a straightforward solution (HSQ).

Features of HSQ Resist

When using EBL, pre-processing in the air appears to diminish HSQ sensitivity more than nitrogen or vacuum, yielding the least amount of change. The following are characteristics of H-SiQ from the best HSQ resist supplier in the United States:

  • Outstanding pitch resolution
  • Sensitivity
  • Direct-write thin-film EBL applications with etch resistance.

As a type of resist, HSQ from the best resist supplier has several outstanding characteristics, including:

  • Possibility of high-resolution patterning
  • The roughness of the line edge should be kept to a minimum.
  • Etch resistance is excellent, and stability is good.

HSQ has some properties that make it suitable for use as a resist and a robust material for imprinting nano-scale features. According to recent research on HSQ used in electron beam lithography, isolated dots and lines of 6 nm width were formed in a 20 nm thick HSQ layer. The best HSQ resist supplier in the United States demonstrates that HSQ has a time dependency factor during the electron beam operation.

Importance of HSQ and its Uses

The negative-tone inorganic electron-beam resist hydrogen silsesquioxane (HSQ) is usable as a negative-tone inorganic electron-beam resistor with outstanding resolution in nanoimprint lithography. It’s a useful agent since it’s a spin-coatable dielectric that you can use to produce NIL imprinters. You can omit some phases of traditional imprinter manufacturing can be when employing HSQ imprinter manufacturing.

Advanced Micro Lithography Process Materials

Advanced Microlithography is a microprocessing technique that allows integrated circuits to be micro-processed. Any of various microscale device fabrication processes, particularly the fabrication of semiconductor devices employing photon or electron beams. It’s merely a sophisticated micro-lithographic procedure for creating 0.1 mm contact holes (CH).

In resolution enhancement lithography assisted by chemical shrink (RELACS), a chemical shrink approach, the cross-linking reaction catalyzed by the acid component in a predetermined resist pattern is used. After regular photolithography, the “RELACS” technique is a hole-reducing procedure that includes basic coating, baking, and rinse steps.


HSQ from the best HSQ resists supplier in the United States is always ideal for your company’s needs. If you want to talk about your HSQ requirements, you should talk to a professional HSQ resist supplier company.

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