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Different Ideas for you to use in your next online virtual event

Different Ideas for You to Use in Your Next Online Virtual Event


If you are planning to organize a virtual event, you know that you can attract a wider audience from across the world. You can keep your attendees engaged in the event with the help of various innovative tools provided by an advanced virtual event platform. The era of virtual events has come, and now it’s not just about planning to host the event but also ensuring that you make the best out of it.

An innovative mindset can only bring an innovative evolution, and this is the phase where we are all on the way to modernization. Therefore, developing new ideas and strategies to take your virtual event to a higher level is very significant.
To plan a successful event, the first step is to develop interesting approaches so that your participants are excited, engaged, and remember your event for a longer time. Following are the top ideas to ensure efficient virtual events.

Top 12 Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

1 Live Games

Gamifying your virtual event is one of the best ways, not just to keep your attendees engaged but also to feature your exhibitors and sponsors. Adding various games to your event will help your attendees build more connections and entice them to participate in the event sessions. Reward your winners with exciting coupons and vouchers to keep them motivated.

2 Entertainment Sessions

A few entertainment sessions in between the long informative session would help you in elevating your attendees’ event experience. These entertainment sessions can include jam sessions, music concerts, storytelling, performances, stand-ups, and a lot more. Fill in the breaks at your virtual events with exciting sessions.

3 Bring a Star Talent On Board

People love to meet famous personalities and would never think twice about being a part of such sessions. Hence, bringing a star talent on board can help you gather better attendee engagement. You can invite a talent related to your event background to leave a more relatable impression. For example, if your virtual event is related to a corporate conference, you can invite a famous influencer who specializes in the corporate industry; if your event is a virtual career fair, you can invite a well-known career counselor as a guest speaker in your online event.

4 Live Competitions

Live competitions can create a fun competitive vibe at your virtual events. If planned carefully, you can provide engaging demos and have your attendees navigate the platform by organizing live competitions and contests. You can also run social media contests to grab your attendees’ attention and keep them engaged in the event.

5 Chatrooms

Providing your attendees with pre-event chat rooms will give them a chance to an icebreaking interaction to further smoothly interact as the event starts. These chat rooms will also help your participants during the event to network, participate in the competitions, communicate, share information, etc. Creating chat rooms can also be an excellent way to help your attendees maintain their contacts and be in touch with the rest of the event community.

6 Live Polls and Q&As

Interactive features are always of great significance in any type of virtual events. As we shift to virtual event platforms, it gets more important to include engaging activities as your attendees have a lower concentration and attention level while attending a virtual event. Live polls, contests, Q&A sessions, trivia, etc., are some of the most effective ways to motivate your attendees to interact through the event. It will not only help your participants to be engaged but also solve their queries, inform, and educate them about your event.

7 Mindfulness and Wellbeing Sessions

The majority of people have been suffering from different physical and mental health issues after the pandemic emerged. Incorporating wellbeing sessions and mindfulness activities will make your attendees feel a sense of belongingness. Also, this will entice your attendees and bring more value to your virtual event as nobody would be expecting it.
For example, you can organize a mini-workout or meditation session during the breaks.

8 Networking Opportunities

Almost all your attendees would expect to maximize their reach, create more contacts, generate leads, and network with their possible allies. Virtual Meeting your attendees’ expectations should be your primary focus to ensure the success of your event. A virtual event platform is well-equipped with useful networking tools that can effectively fulfill your virtual event attendees’ networking purposes. Dreamcast provides its attendees with the most innovative tools like AI matchmaking, advanced search filters, a virtual networking lounge, and many more.

9 Add Sponsorship

Adding sponsorship elements to your online event can elevate your event’s value to a great extent. It not only keeps your attendees engaged through interesting activities but also minimizes your expenses without any decrease in your event’s elements. You can include various sponsorship factors in your virtual event like sponsored meals, sponsored breaks, sponsored swag bags, sponsored jam sessions, etc.

10 Virtual Photo Booths

Most people love capturing memories and sharing them over their social media platforms. The tool of virtual photo booths delivers the same facility to your attendees. You can create a branded photo booth on the virtual event platform where your attendees can click pictures and get the option to directly share them on their social media platforms.

11 Social Walls

A social wall collects and curates all your attendees’ social media posts related to the event and presents it over a common well-designed social wall. Adding the tool of a social wall at your virtual event can not only be a great way to keep your attendees engaged but also motivate them to make an event-related post. This activity can further maximize the reach of your virtual event.

12 Virtual Gala

Organizing a virtual gala can be a great way to lighten up the event vibe and get dressed to party virtually. You can pre plan some special items for the gala like music, games, meal or drink. You can also send out vouchers and coupons to all your attendees based on your budget and logistics. This idea can delight your attendees as well as advance their event experience.

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