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Important Things To Know About Aluminium Soundproof Doors


Three crucial criteria are essential for soundproofing:

  • Gaps between hardware fixtures and profile: Noise travels through gaps in between the hardware fixtures, the profile of the door, sash and glass. 
  • The durability of the material: Generic materials like UPVC will not work. You need sturdy aluminium to ensure that the doors are durable and properly installed. Any slight misalignment can affect the effectiveness of soundproofing.
  • Type of glass and glass thickness used: Depending on the source and the noise frequency, the correct type of glass with a good glazing option will help. 

As outlined above, one of the best materials used to make soundproof door is aluminium. Aluminium has a high-quality life cycle which keeps it in great shape even decades later, ensuring that your house is effectively soundproofed. The durability also ensures that the doors are soundproof and dust resistant. The fit between the glass, hardware, sash and frame is essential in keeping the door soundproof.

You may believe that a double-glazed door alone can keep the noise out, but the truth is it can keep the warm or cold environment outside from destabilising the temperature indoors. But it can’t keep the noise out. A large amount of noise doesn’t come through the glass but from the gaps between the glass. So, it is essential to partner with effective manufacturers for installing a soundproof door. 

In addition, a few people may recommend reducing the number of shutters or panels for designs like folding or sliding. But, these will not matter if you partner with manufacturers utilising Japanese technology to forge excellent and top quality aluminium doors. 

How is a Soundproof Door Made?

At TOSTEM INDIA, soundproof doors are made with the following standards: 

  1. EPDM Gaskets: The usage of EPDM gaskets at interlocks makes aluminium doors and windows incredibly efficient at sealing noise between sashes or the outer frame. These EPDM gaskets are pretty popular in automobile doors for their excellent noise invasion prevention and airtightness qualities.  
  2. Overlap Sealing: The area of doors’ and windows’ parts overlap are hotspots for noise invasion. Properly sealing such overlapping points helps minimise any noise disturbances from destabilising the tranquillity persisting indoors. 
  3. Japanese Industrial Standards: All aluminium doors and windows undergo rigorous global testing standards. For instance, sound insulation testing in a JIS controlled environment helps iron out any inaccuracy in their doors’ soundproofing abilities. 
  4. Silicone Sealants: This liquor metal is also popular in automobiles for blocking dust and noise. TOSTEM utilises 5MM thick silicone sealants across all the corner joints to ensure that noise does not enter the space. This feature also helps the doors become additionally potent for dust sealing. 
  5. Glazing Options: TOSTEM doors can reduce the sound levels upto 25 Decibels with a 6-8mm glass. Depending on the area and noise levels it endures, you can get your doors and windows installed with even thicker glasses to enhance the soundproofing efficiency. 

What is The Price of an Aluminium Soundproof Door?

Generic soundproofing solutions do not last long and lose their potency after a while. You will also have to think about the labour charges and purchase additional material, which will impact the final aluminium door price

However, there is no denying that an aluminium soundproof door will out-live its competitors, and hence it will most definitely save you money in the long run. TEXGUARD coated aluminium doors will easily last for decades without losing their colour or lustre, including the soundproofing efficiency. 

Aluminium doors are sturdier and more capable of bearing a more significant load, and this allows them to support thicker glazing units which provide incredible noise reduction. The glazing you need will directly depend on the severity of the noise pollution experienced in the location of your surroundings.

Aluminium is highly durable and infinitely recycled, making it one of the most eco-friendly materials compared to other non-recyclable and synthetic materials. Hence, it would help if you thought about cost efficiency instead of the upfront cost. 

Get a quote on your aluminium soundproof doors from TOSTEM INDIA.

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