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In what way are dedicated servers a good fit in the world of cloud hosting


Businesses today have numerous options available in terms of hosting. Cloud hosting services are becoming quite popular but dedicated servers still have their charm. Why? Because they continue offering the most flexibility and customization.

Companies who are confused about which option to choose from many, especially when it comes to cloud computing and dedicated hosting for them no longer need to worry. Why? Because it is imperative for them to understand each kind of server available so they can choose the right one as per their needs.

In what way does Cloud Hosting work?

In recent years, cloud hosting has earned quite a handsome kind of popularity. Why? Because businesses have been looking for effective, efficient and secure ways for storing, managing and processing their data. Cloud hosting servers are on-demand computing resources on the internet, delivered to clients for seamless digital transition.

A cloud server is a virtual server running and working in an environment of cloud computing. A business migrates both its data and applications from the physical servers it has to virtualized servers provided by cloud server providers.

Those who wish to enhance the performance of their Information technology hardware and software without having to incur huge costs on buying the needed infrastructure, cloud hosting is the ideal solution they have.

In what ways do dedicated hosting servers work?

Dedicated servers are known for their high performance features especially their fast processing power and storage speed. They are connected to the internet via high-speed internet connections, and are often hosted in dedicated data centers. Dedicated servers can be used for multiple purposes, especially website hosting and hosting data intensive applications.

One good example of this could be running CRM systems like SAP Customer Management Module or Microsoft Dynamics. Each dedicated server is dedicated privately to one individual client only. The client hence receives access to a physical server with the hardware, software and processing power, as set in the agreement, all in one place.

Why should cloud and dedicated servers be used?

Determining the kind of applications which are best suited for anyone’s business, whether dedicated servers or cloud hosting, it must be understood that what are the requirements the business has and what security measures do they need to create the most efficient and effective server infrastructure for their business.

Also, what should any organization take into accountbefore choosing a server for their needs? Here are some things they should be able to answer:

  • What are their long-term objectives?
  • What are their IT requirements?
  • What is their budget?

Once they have verified and determined the kind of server that meets their functional needs and requirements, they must also ensure they are not paying for anything they are not utilizing.  Their primary concern about choosing servers is the kind of problem they wish to solve using these servers.

What should businesses understand from this perspective?

Choosing a server is not like a walk in the park, it is a tough decision to make, especially in the wake of recent ransomware and DDoS attacks which have crippled businesses and sent them in a state of losses. A lot of businesses are still reeling from the effects of these attacks, wondering if the recovery expenses will skyrocket or not.

Professionals from a DDoS protection service providing firm based in New York City’s DUMBO district reveal that it has been difficult to contain these attacks, especially when organizations were not wholly prepared to tackle them from the very beginning. The lax attitude firms had adopted in this matter resulted in them facing these attacks.

Now the situation has reached a point where providers of hosting services are collaborating with DDoS service providers to ensure clients are safe against DDoS attacks, ransomware attacks and other cyber attacks. This is why a proactive approach is stressed upon by most IT security professionals, particularly in cyber security.

Trust in digital cloud services has been impacted badly. Yet the industry is trying to rebound back. Professionals are hopeful that a proactive approach will help instill a true culture of top-notch cyber security, ensuring digital safety of each business, organization, body and individual alike. Staying proactive instead of reactive may be key to preventing more cyber attacks.

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