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4 Innovative Ideas for Designing Wine Cellar in Small Spaces


If you are living in a city like Houston, you surely know how difficult it can be to have a place with a lot of space for creating your wine cellar. Generally, houses, apartments and condos are designed and built previously even before you get the possession. And most of the time, these don’t come with the space that you need for creating a home wine cellar. And that is why you need to look for ideas that will help you create the right storage within the small space in your home.

Wine Cellar Design for Small Spaces

When you think of a wine cellar, you obviously think of the opulence and classic appeal of the vintage or traditional-looking wine cellars. But due to limited space, you need to find out how you can design a cellar in your home. In the following points, you need to find the wine cellar design ideas that will be suitable for small limited spaces. Take a look and get inspired.

  • Wine Room

If you are living in a house or condo where you have room to spare, you can use that for your wine room. A wine room is a very elegant and modern idea that can be perfectly suitable for any contemporary home décor. A wine room is generally very much like a cellar that will offer you an insulated place for storing your wine. When you are hiring a company for planning your wine room, make sure you are checking their previous designs of wine cellars in Houston so that you get to know how well they can be for your personal collection.

  • Wine Closet

Having a closet is normal even if you are living in a small house or an apartment. And if you are very passionate about wine collection and want to create the perfect space for the wine bottles, then using storage can be a good idea. Generally, closets are tucked inside the room and that is why it will be secluded and perfect for maintaining the optimal temperature and humidity.

  • Garage Wine Cellar

If you have limited space inside the house, then you can think of being a little bit creative. Don’t plan your wine cellar inside the house. Instead of that, plan the wine cellar in your garage. Yes, a garage can be a great place when it comes to designing the best wine cellars in Houston. You get an ample amount of space here with lots of possibilities for design and storage. The climate of the garage can be easily controlled with the cooling unit too. The walls can be easily worked on to be made suitable for your wine cellar. So, when you are having difficulty accommodating the wine collection at home and you are blessed with a garage that remains empty, use it more functionally.

  • The Place Under the Stairs

Yes, you have limited space inside your house. But if you have a staircase, how do you use the space right beneath the stairs? Well, yes, this also can be used for storing your wine. Now, for this, you need to connect with the right architects and wine cellar builders. Try to find out if a room or a nook can be designed under the stairs or not. Designing wall mounted racks that will hold your collection in space can be used for this. You can also use frameless glass doors for the place as it will create an elegant visual appeal. If this place is not big enough for a room or a nook, then you can simply create built-in custom wine storage with glass racks and doors that will keep your collection in the perfect shape. Get a portable cooling unit for climate control inside it. This can be a small glass wine cellar of yours.

So, what are you waiting for? Use these ideas and ensure you get the perfect place for storing your precious collection of vintage beauties.

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