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Interesting Home Décor Ideas
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Interesting Home Décor Ideas with Baskets


Take a random glance around your home, and you are likely to find a few unused baskets tossed here and there. Like the small black woven baskets, these baskets are amongst those home accessories you don’t spend much time thinking about.

But they are of much utility; from being perfect for organizing your craft supplies or carrying some small essentials when going out, they’re often overlooked as statement pieces in their own right. They look elegant and are lightweight enough to be used and displayed in a room.

Hang Air Plants

One of the most creative and functional ways to use baskets in the home is to hang air plants. Use these modern wire or wicker baskets to display an air plant. Air plants don’t need soil or much watering, and hence, they make a perfect choice for an exposed basket display.

Organize Bathroom Stuff

Wicker baskets when used regularly in a bathroom are likely to attract mold and mildew. How about using small black woven baskets that recycled plastics, iron wires, and wood in the making instead. Stay assured to enjoy a spa-like bathroom that uses simply wired baskets to keep everything in order. For example, you can roll face and hand towels, organize face products like cleansers and soaps, or simply store your shaving items when you hop into your bathroom for grooming.

Ideal to Add Some Flair

Have some unused baskets lying around at home? It’s time to put them to use by adding some bright pom-poms to make even a simple basket look like a statement piece. Other innovative ideas are to place some faux flowers, paint the handles in vibrant and bold colors, or clip on a fun brooch to spice up your unused basket and make it more display-worthy.

Perfect to Arrange Counter

Organizing your kitchen counter can be a mess at times, and it is one of those home tasks many people dislike doing. While no one really likes doing this household chore, if taken care of, then we feel much better. In any contemporary open kitchen, you can use a low, wide basket to keep all of those random spices and oils in order. What’s even better? You will be able to organize them without hiding them from view. You can even use these shallow baskets on a dining table or coffee table to organize some small items like candles, pens, and other useful but cluttery knickknacks. You can even store a stack of old books. Easy peasy!

Organize Your Entryway

When guests, including family & friends, visit, your entryway is the first thing they notice when they walk into your home, so make it count. It might be somewhat challenging to maintain a well-organized entryway, but it is not impossible to achieve.

From a great mess, you can create a beautiful-looking nook with a combination of small and big baskets. Use them to keep umbrellas, gloves, tote bags, and other necessities at your disposal but right out of sight.

Provide Extra Storage in Guest Room

Want to store some extra linen in the guest room? No problem. Or wish to go the extra mile by placing some essentials like handkerchieves, toiletries, etc. Make your guest feel right at home by placing these items in an attractive basket. Hand & face towels or even a robe will go far to remind your guests just how happy you are that they came to visit. They’ll feel much loved and take care of with your gestures.

Display as Art Works

Who says baskets are just designed for storage purposes only? However, if you wish to give a distinctive look to your interiors and incorporate a more global decor style, then baskets can help. They can be used to create a gallery wall in the living room above the sofa sectional or the foyer space. If you wish for a creative look in the bedroom, then this idea can be implemented there as well.

This won’t only elevate your interiors to another level but also reflect your personal taste and touch.

Other Decoration Ideas

Decoration ideas possibilities with baskets are almost endless! Use different sized baskets as the centerpiece on side tables, coffee tables, etc. Further flowers can be hidden in an ugly planter inside a cool basket if it is considerably deep enough.

You can think of things way beyond. Baskets are those accent items that are perfect for displaying all kinds of stuff. From seashells and stars, pinecones with lights, greenery, and driftwood, you can just place and display them all. You can create a beautiful accent wall at home in different rooms by attaching low baskets to it, especially if you like displaying and collecting African crafts.

Add More Colors

Last but not least, you can use baskets to incorporate more color into any of your favorite spaces. Baskets these days, aren’t only available in brown and black colors but in various shades. Along with that, you can even use rectangular wooden serving tray to add storage and an eye-catching spot to your space.

Final Words

Hope these ideas aided in sparking a little creativity into your mind while giving you some innovative ideas on how you can use wicker baskets in your own home. Undoubtedly, these possibilities really are endless! It’s time that you implement these ideas in practical life.

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