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How to Decorate Your Home: Interior Decorators Secrets?


In the world of interior designing, the key to creating a balance between appealing spaces and practicality is to pay attention to the details of decoration. Some of these tricks are very simple but they create a huge difference in the overall look of the house. Given below are some secrets that can be followed by the Interior Decorators.

1. Play with patterns
It is better to mix two or three prints simultaneously without sticking to just one pattern in a room. You should also pay attention to the scale of the patterns. For example, smaller prints look good on compact surfaces while bold work looks well on focal elements with white space around them.

2. Always order samples
It might sound weird but it is always a sensible decision to order samples first. From paint to wallpaper, to fabrics and flooring, you should always order a selection of samples and look at their quality. You can also get an idea of how well the entire thing looks when placed together. It is better to invest in samples rather than spending on the entire lot and then buying a new one just because you didn’t like its quality or look.

3. Using curves and arches
Many Interior Decorators feel that curves and arches add softness to interiors that look both classic and modern. It looks different and added a pretty appeal to the place.

4. Adding plants
No matter where and how many plants you add, they always look pretty. If you want to add a statement piece or want to fill an empty corner, or just want to add a character to the room, you can simply go for indoor plants. They add much-needed color, freshness, and life to the space.

5. Using multiple of the same elements
A group of small objects looks more appealing than a single piece. This is true for almost every interior décor item. Whether those are cushions, vases, artwork, or even pendant lights, even if the pieces don’t match entirely,they just need to look visually similar. You can arrange a cluster of cushions, or three vases of different sizes, etc and you are good to go.

6. Focus on negative space
If you pick up too many elements in a room, it can create visual chaos. If you wish to define a focal point across the room, you need to keep some empty space. You also need to keep some furniture apart so that each piece gets a proper space to breathe. This way all your pieces will shine and will have an individual appeal.

7. Use layer furnishings in small rooms
If you follow this simple décor trick, it can create a sense of intimacy in small rooms. You can create backdrops using paintings, mirrors, and wall shelves. You can also create a new layer by adding tables and seating. When everything comes together, they look pretty. Lastly, you can even use rugs, throws, and bed-sheets so that you can give a pretty look to the space.

8. Mixing
The trick to giving your space a charming look is by being experimental. Try to be creative with mixing artwork, furniture, and interior décor styles. Sometimes out of the box ideas and unconventional pairings can bring unique space and will carry your signature style. Don’t get caught up in the restrictive dos and don’ts of interior design.

9.Take one at a time
Sometimes you get too curious to finish decorating that you tend to order everything at one go. This results in pieces necessarily adding to the space as well as they don’t fit with your décor. You should begin by picking up two or three accessories carefully at a time. As you go on with decorating your space keep adding stuff according to your requirement and only bring those pieces that you love. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Interior Decorators have many ideas and secrets with which they can give your space the desired look. You should trust the choice and instinct of your interior designers and give necessary inputs when needed. Experienced and professional decorators also know the importance of adding personal elements like photographs, favorite souvenirs, vintage heirlooms, etc. Such things not only make the space interesting but also look like an extension of the individual’s personality. Interior designing and decorating is a vast field ad has endless scope. You just need to be smart and use some secrets to create a perfect blend.

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