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How to Choose LED Medicine Cabinets For Your Bathroom


Fully assembled for simple installation, you can be on your way to making your perfect LED Medicine Cabinets with all the storage that you require. With an attractive White finish, this streamlined surface mount medicine cabinet gracefully graces your bath with the classic style that blends perfectly well with any bath decor. Ideal for use in the bathroom or beside the sink, these cabinets offer multiple functions as a multi-function box that keeps everything in one place, neatly organized. You’ll love how your medicine cabinet comes to life with the push of a single button.

Whether you have a small, compact bathroom or one that spans the entire length and breadth of your home, mirrored medicine cabinets are perfect for space-saving, one-of-a-kind solutions to any design dilemma. Lacking the reflective quality of a framed medicine cabinet, these mirrored cabinets stand out like a sore thumb in a sea of white, black, and brown. If you are seeking unique style for a small bathroom, consider mirrored bathroom mirror cabinets.

Medicine cabinets with a mirrored finish add drama to any bathroom. Because mirrored cabinets reflect light, they create a sense of depth in a bathroom that cannot be achieved by framed cabinets. This style makes a beautiful statement in any bathroom and offers multiple benefits. Mirrored medicine cabinet can also increase the room’s resale value since mirrors naturally sell for more than framed cabinets.

Many modern medicine cabinets have the ability to be adjusted. In today’s society, we often pull hair, apply make-up, or brush teeth – all of which require us to reach into our storage cabinets, adjust the cabinet lid, and then again reach into our cupboards to locate the items we need. When reaching for a pen, the task is made much easier when the cabinet is opened from the top. This same convenience can be had when grooming tasks require you to rotate a cabinet.

A medicine cabinet with a lighted mirror provides another benefit; it creates the appearance of a larger room. Most medicine cabinets sit low to the ground. To see yourself properly, you must lean over the side of the cabinet or stand at the bottom of the cabinet and peer inside. With a lighted mirror, however, the room appears to be larger and you have the added benefit of being able to view your reflection. When you lean in to turn on the lights, it creates a feeling of being closer to the medicine cabinet, and you can more readily locate the items you need without opening and then standing at the bottom of the cabinet.

When selecting a medicine cabinet with a mirrored front, you should also consider the additional features it comes with. Medicine cabinets with mirrors come with one or two surface-mounted installation kits and one or two extended warranties. The surface-mount installation kits are easy to install if you are familiar with how to install a standard lighted mirror. If you are not comfortable with this type of installation, an extended warranty may be available from the manufacturer. Many mirror surfaces come with an anti-scratch coating and anti-glare coating to reduce reflection, but these additional coatings can help protect the mirror from scratches and wear that would otherwise reduce its value and decrease the quality of care the unit can receive.

The extended warranties offered with LED Medicine Cabinets with mirrors provide a level of protection not often found with other bathroom furniture. Bright finish cabinets offer the additional advantage of making your vanity mirror the focal point of your bathroom. You can use bright finish medicine cabinets in combination with a countertop medicine cabinet or with a vanity medicine cabinet as a stand-alone piece. When you combine these units with countertop storage, the combination creates the perfect combination of storage space and visual appeal.

Medical equipment is expensive. If you want to ensure the lifetime of your pieces, consider purchasing a unit with a built-in defogger. A built-in defogger will keep the humidity levels in your bathroom uniform. This is important to the function of your mirror, which must dry on a regular basis between uses. Medical mirrors with LED medicine cabinets with built-in defoggers are the best option for your bathroom.

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