Friday, September 30, 2022

Lighting in Photography


No matter how hard you try, you cannot produce good pictures without lighting. Light (whether natural or artificial) is the foundation of good pictures. It’s a very important aspect of photography. When it comes to photography, lighting determines many factors such as the brightness of the image, the tone, mood, atmosphere, and a lot more.

However, beyond having access to these lights, it’s also necessary you know how to manipulate and control the light within your disposal for optimum performance. With proper positioning and control of your lights, rest assured you’ll have the best vibrancy of color, texture, and luminosity of the image. Proper lighting also helps you create professional-looking images.

To find out more about lightning, it’s shaping, positioning, manipulating, and where you can get the best lighting rental services in Halifax, you can keep reading further.

Manipulation of lights

Light can be manipulated through reflectors and diffusers to reach any area of interest. Here are a few ways you can manipulate lights for better results:

  • Through the use of collapsible reflectors. It bounces and shapes light to any area you’d like to highlight
  • While the spotlights, which can also be covered in light shapers, help you gain control over the light, the direction it falls over, and how wide the light spans

Positioning of light

Understanding how to position your light before taking a picture or shooting a video is essential as it affects the outcome of your image.

When the light is behind your camera and is pointing forward, it gives flat lighting to the image. It also causes shadows to fall in the background of the image.

When the light is positioned from the side, it casts a partial shadow in the image giving a more dramatic look. However, this form of positioning produces a lot more interesting light.

While Rembrandt lighting is a much more effective form of light, with this positioning, light comes from behind and beside. I am making the subject brighter, thereby creating a more distinctive image.

Shaping of light

Adding a diffuser to your light can help reduce harsh shadows and blemish on your object. It gives your artificial light a  natural and softer feel. You can diffuse your light using heatproof materials, softboxes, or umbrellas.

Now you know the importance of lighting in an image. However, if you live in Halifax and you’re looking for where you can get lighting rental for professional photography, look no further as maritime lens and equipment have got you covered.


Proper lighting most times is often the difference between a magnificent photo and a poor one. Mastering how to use lights to your advantage will help you a great deal. Contact us today to rent the lighting you need for a great image.

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