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What is a Littmann Pulse Oximeter?


A Littmann stethoscope (a three-piece band instrument) is used for a variety of medical and non-medical applications. As one of the first inventions of the twentieth century, Littmann created a medical stethoscope that has evolved through the ages to become the basic medical tool used by physicians worldwide. Littmann stethoscopes design evolution began in 1917 when a Russian gynecologist developed a model for a stethoscope that has come to be widely accepted and trusted by practitioners worldwide. A Littmann stethoscope’s distinctive curved outline and wide base with its fully adjustable and detachable bell add to its versatility and utility for many medical applications. In fact, Littmann stethoscopes have evolved to suit even the latest technology. A complete medical stethoscope consists of a chest piece, bell, and chin strap.

Principle and technology behind Littmann:

The principle and technology behind Littmann subcultures have remained the same throughout the years. It uses two pieces which are attached either through a metal tube or cord and then mounted on the base. One-piece provides the source of acoustic power while the other acts as an acoustic filter. As a result, all sounds produced by the instrument’s body are magnified and filtered within the bell thus producing the signal for easy hearing when a physician or other health care professional examines the patient.

Most common application of Littmann’s stethoscopes:

The most common application of Littmann’s stethoscopes is for patients that undergo invasive procedures. Because these diaphragms are small and the body of the patient is not large, there is less space available for any air to flow in and out. This is where the unique sound of the musculature comes into play. Through the principle of vibration reduction, the acoustic waves produced from the Littmann can push through the spaces that would block the airflow and allow the patient to breathe calmly and freely.

Littmann’s other stethoscopes:

Littmann’s other stethoscopes also feature diaphragms. One of their most popular models is the XLR-1000 stethoscope which comes equipped with an automatic external defibrillator. It can also be used as a non-defibrillator to provide electrical stimulation to the affected area. Many hospitals around the United States use these stethoscopes along with the other Littmann products such as stethoscopes and IV stands.

Littmann XP-ONES model features:

The Littmann XP-ONES model features two high-frequency sounds emitted by the diaphragm. These high frequencies have the ability to easily penetrate the large muscles located around the heart, thus reducing any chances of blockage or injury. The chest piece of the Littmann XP-ONES has a user-friendly keypad, which enables it to be used with any medical application including the Cardio X-Ray, Ultrasound, and Electrosurgery. There are also other convenient features such as auto defibrillators, tunable diaphragms, and auto shut-off capabilities for the convenience of the users.

Littmann ATC-1000 Stethoscopes are lightweight diaphragms that come in different models. They are also highly durable and ideal for use in operating environments. Where the weight of the equipment must be as minimal as possible. The ATC-1000 model is equipped with a cardioid pattern, allowing it to generate high-frequency sounds that aid in cardiac detection and other audible health parameters.

Littmann Pulse Oximeter has a two-speed automatic:

A Littmann Pulse Oximeter has a two-speed automatic probe setting that makes adjustments possible without manually turning the dial. It includes an accurate and smooth pulse oximeter with a built-in rechargeable nickel-cadmium (NiCad) battery. It has a precision pulse oximeter probe that can measure. The percentage of oxygen saturation in any blood sample at practically any temperature. Pulse oximeters with this feature utilize patented Oxygen-based probe tissues which produce high-frequency sound waves. They are very reliable and easy to use even when conditions are less than ideal. The Pulse Oximeter from Littmann is extremely compact. They can be easily carried around in a pocket, making them ideal for traveling professionals.


The Littmann Pulse Oximeter comes with two interchangeable earpieces. A high-frequency sound wave directional microphone and a low-frequency sound wave directional microphone. The low-frequency sounds help to reduce background interference and create a clean signal for the chest piece. This product can also be used as a basic chest piece for patients undergoing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Some models have a built-in humidifier to improve oral dryness. And some models are equipped with external oxygen sensors. That provides supplemental oxygen if the main oxygen supply is cut off.

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