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Best After 10+2 Medical Study Program in Kazakhstan

Best After 10+2 Medical Study Program in Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan is a country where medical colleges enjoy prestigious international fame for medical postgraduate and undergraduate courses. The houses approved by MCI provide best-in-class medical education to global and Indian students who come to study MBBS in Kazakhstan, especially in the last decade. These universities have teaching ethics that are uncompromised and affordable for renowned placement programs and fees.

Opportunities for MD in Kazakhstan

Becoming a doctor is considered amongst the highest of professions with immense responsibility on one’s shoulders. A student must receive equal opportunities to study at a university to achieve the same. The MD degree that you perform in Kazakhstan will be equivalent to the MBBS degree you receive in India, and you do not even have to give an entrance examination. This reputable degree will allow you to earn an annual beginner salary of 1-6 lakhs, depending on your skills and expertise. 

The course of MD takes anywhere from three to four years of a postgraduate degree in the medicinal domain. You can pursue either using a general or specialized degree program. These programs incorporate theoretical and clinical practices to aspirants.

Information on The Degree Program

Pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students rewards them with MD equivalent to the MBBS degree in India. The admission for this medical science starts around September and October, and the course will last you six years.

  1. You have to have cleared the NEET examination and have fifty percent in the secondary graduation degree.
  2. You should also be above the age of seventeen and under twenty-five to secure this degree.
  3. You will be taught in the medium of English, and the fee structure resides anywhere between 3.5 to 6 lakhs per two semesters.

The cost of living in Kazakhstan will also be separate, but they are always welcome to stay at the university hostel. 

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You should have these skills to be a successful

The course of MD considers some significant factors that help you work successfully as a medical doctor with in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge in the field. Here we will discuss a few skills that will give you an upper hand among competing doctors in your class:

1. Good communication skills

Your teachers and professors will always speak a language that may not match the language that you grew up with. So you should have an understanding of the basics regarding different languages common in Kazakhstan. But as necessary as it is, it is not mandatory as English will undoubtedly make your tasks much easier in the long run. If you have decent control over your English, you will definitely succeed regarding Medical degrees in Kazakhstan.

2. Management and leadership skills

What makes a good doctor different from the rest is the ability to lead or get lost in insignificance. The medical market of India is massive, and doctors earn a lot for every check-up they conduct on their patients. So you must learn how to lead the market and snatch the spotlight for yourself wherever necessary. This upper hand over the market will allow you to show the local competition and increase your revenue overall.

3. You should have critical thinking and problem-solving abilities

Critical thinking will be instrumental during medical emergencies where creativity can help save a life. Your brilliant ideas will help you find easy solutions to relatively complex problems, and you can share what you learn through experience. So never shy away from asking questions and gathering information to ensure you do not miss out on anything that helps you cure a hurdle. Every human body in this world faces health issues, and thanks to critical thinking, the industry can adapt to variations. 

4. Ability to stand firm during pressurizing situations

MBBS in Kazakhstan is not easy, and a lot of its difficulty comes from the fact that you have to do a physical operation on a person’s body. If surgery is happening, it poses a certain amount of risk to the patient. And every doctor that operates on patients feels this pressure, but most of them deal with it on the spot. Keeping your conscience intact during difficult situations is a desirable skill that most patients require in their doctor. So you should focus on this aspect and encourage calm interactions with your friends during complex topics inside the college grounds. 

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