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mParivahan App and Parivahan Sewa Portal Login and online vehicle related services


If you drive any vehicle in India it is required to have vital documents like the registration certificate for your vehicle and an official driving license. Since the government has been focused on digital services as well, they have also digitized the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) across the country have been digitally transformed. They have also introduced the Parivahan Sewa Portal was introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) to facilitate the registration of vehicles as well as driving license-related actions and to create state-level and national registrations of vehicles or details about driving licenses.  parivahan, mparivahan, parivahan sewa, vahan parivahan, parivahan gov in, sarthi parivahan gov in, www parivahan gov in, paribahan,  mparivahan online, sarathi parivahan gov in, vahan parivahan gov in, parivahan gov,home parivahan, sarathi parivahan sewa, 


The Road Transport Ministry has introduced two software applications: VAHAN to facilitate vehicle Registration and SARATHI, for driving Licenses (DL). These two applications have been centralized in the most recent initiative.

This is all you should know about M Parivahan application and the portal.

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mParivahan: Parivahan Sewa app download

Citizens are able to download the mParivahan App for their mobile phones through Google Play store or Apple store to gain access to DL as well as RC services. This mParivahan Sewa mobile app is available in a variety of languages, including English, Hindi and Marathi.


The mParivahan app is utilized for registering licences as well as for obtaining information about the vehicle as well as making payments for road taxes, making complaints and more. The option to register vehicles within the app offers information on car fitness, insurance validity, validity and PUC certificate. The app allows citizens to gain immediate access to transportation office services and other information. A few notable features include Virtual RC or DL, Encrypted QR Code, Information Services, DL or search in RC, Transport Notification, RTO/Traffic Office Locations.


Parivahan Sewa portal online services

The portal provides some of the services listed below:

  • Services for vehicles on Vaahan Parivahan Sewa website. Vaahan Parivahan Sewa site such as registration renewal or registration of duplicate RC and so on.
  • Driving license-related services are available through Sarathi Sarathi web site such as applications for DL renewal of DL and the issue of duplicate DL and more.
  • Taxes at checkpost for tax on vehicles payment at checkpost
  • Book a fancy number
  • National register or services from the National Register
  • Homologation
  • National permit authorisation
  • AITP (All India Tourist Permit) authorization
  • SLD (Speed Limiting Device) maker
  • CNG (Compressed natural gas) creator via CNG Vahan Sewa portal
  • VLTD (Vehicle Location Tracking Device) maker through portal
  • PUCC (Pollution Under Control Certificate)
  • Trade certificate for trade
  • Vahan Green Sewa
  • Vehicle recall

The website of the pariwahan government also has informational resources that users can access to learn their license information as well as vehicle information permits, registrations acts, rules, guidelines, notifications and forms as well as other forms. Users are also able to access a variety of printable forms online.


Parivahan Sewa road tax payment

Owners of vehicles who purchased vehicles to use for business or personal purposes must pay the road tax. The tax collected by the government is utilized to maintain roads. In India commercial vehicle owners are required to pay additional state-specific vehicle taxes at check points at the border of other states. The portal enables vehicle owners to pay their Check Post Tax online through a simplified process explained below:

1. Visit the official website. On the homepage go to the “Check Post Tax” located under the ‘Online Services section.

Step 2. A new webpage will be displayed. Then, click on the ‘Tax Payment’.

Step 3. Select your state’s name from the dropdown. you’re visiting and then select the name of the service” from the dropdown. Click on ‘Go’.

4. Step 4: The “Border Tax Payment’ page of the application will appear on the computer screen. Input the number of your vehicle and then click ‘Get Details’. Certain fields will be filled automatically.

Phase 5: Fill in the rest of the information. After that, click on “Calculate Tax or Pay Tax to pay the tax amount you calculated.

6. Your browser will redirect you to the gateway for payment. Select the payment gateway you want to use and click on the ‘Continue’.

Step 7 Once you have made the tax payments you will be directed to the page ‘Checkpost. The receipt will be provided which can be printed and saved for later references.

Vahan Parivahan online payment of tax on vehicles

To pay taxes on your vehicle on the internet, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the link Sign up on the portal using your e-mail address and your mobile number. Log into the portal.

Step 2. Click on the ‘Pay Tax’ in the “Online Services”

Step 3. Enter details such as Registration Number and Chassis No. Click on ‘Generate OTP’. Enter the OTP you’ll receive on the phone number that you have registered. Click on ‘Submit’.

step 4. The next stage is to choose the tax mode you want to use..

Phase 5: Enter the “Permit Information” (if appropriate).

step 6. A total amount due will be displayed on the screen. Click on ‘Submit’. Then, click ‘Confirm payment’.

step 7. Select your preferred payment method and accept the conditions and terms. Click on ‘Continue’.


Parivahan Sewa e challan

The Parivahan Sewa website enables users to track whether they have received their Challan online. A Challan is issued to a driver of a vehicle in the event that someone is able to deliberately or inadvertently violate traffic laws. With the E challan Parivahan service, one can verify the status of their traffic violations in accordance with the Motor Vehicle (MV) Act by logging into the parivahan online gov on the portal.

step 1. Access the eChallan System on the Parivahan portal. You will be taken to the E-challan Parivahan website. Click on the link ‘Check Challan Status in the “Check Online Services” section.

Step 2. Then, enter the details for the challan using any of the three options available such as Challan Number, Vehicle Number, and DL Number. Enter your Captcha code and click “Get Detail”. You will receive the E Challan and the payment details will appear in the display.

Parivahan Sewa online challan payment

You is able to pay their challan , or pay fines imposed to them on an authorized Parivahan Sewa website online. You can visit the E-challan Parivahan webpage and then click on ‘Check Challan Status’ in the “Check Online Services” section.

Enter the information using any of these options available – Challan Number or Vehicle Number, and DL number. Enter the captcha code, then click on the ‘Get Detail’.

Your E challan status in the row for challan status will be visible. Now click on the “Pay Now on the column for payment. Choose the payment method and then make the payment. After the payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email and transaction ID to the mobile number you registered.


Parivahan Sewa DL application status check online

Visit the Parivahan Sewa in order to check your Driving License (DL) application status after having passed the DL test and DL process for obtaining a license. This is a step-by step guide.

step 1. From the homepage Click on ‘Driving License Related Services’ in the section “Online Services”.

Step 2: You will be redirected to the website. The homepage of the state department of transport is displayed. Choose ‘Application Status’ in the right side on the homepage.

Step 3. Next screen you will need to enter information such as your application’s number, birth date and the captcha code. Click ‘Submit’ to see your DL app status.




Parivahan Sewa RC status check online

Its Parivahan Sewa Vehicle Related services offer the possibility of checking status of the Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) status online. The procedure is as outlined in the following paragraphs:

The first step is to Visit Parivahan portal to perform RC status verification. Click on “Vehicle Related Service” under Online Services.

Step 2. The new webpage will appear. Select the state in the menu dropdown.

Step 3: Click on ‘Vehicle Registration Number’. Enter the registration number of your vehicle. Select State RTO from the dropdown menu and select ‘Proceed’.

4. Select the ‘Status Option. After that, select ‘Know Your Application’. Status’.

5. Enter the application number of the RC in the field ‘Application Number’. Input your Captcha code. After that, click ‘Submit after which you can click on the ‘View Report’. The Parivahan government screen will show your RC status.



Parivahan Sewa slot booking

This official Parivahan Sewa portal also provides the option of booking an online slot to take testing the DL test. Candidates must follow the steps described in the following paragraphs:

First step: From the home page go to ‘Driving Licence Related Services’ beneath “Online Services”.

Step 2. Choose the desired state in the dropdown.

Step 3. The user will then be taken to the website of the transportation department. Select the DL Testing Slot Reservation’ from “Appointments”.

step 4: Next, fill in your details using one of two options: the Application Number, or learner license number. Input the applicant’s number or learners license numbers, the applicant’s date of birth and verification code. Click on the ‘Submit’.

Then, you can reserve the time slot for the DL test by choosing the desired date and time.


Parivahan Sewa How do I apply for a driving license on the internet?

  • Go to the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and click on ‘Driving License Related Services’ under Online Services.
  • You will be taken to a new webpage on the Sarathi Parivahan Gov on their web site. Select the state in the dropdown.


  • Select the type of driving licence you’d like to apply.


  • Fill out the application form by filling in the relevant information and uploading all the necessary documents. After completing the form according to the directions provided, click submit to continue.


  • Once the form has been submitted after submitting the form, after submission, a Web Application Number is generated which can be used to monitor the application’s status. Following the successful processing of your application person who submitted it will be notified via SMS.
  • Visit the RTO to verify the validity of your documents as well as for the payment of application fees and then completing the steps to get the licence.


Parivahan Sewa The documents needed for online application for driving license

The Union Ministry of Roads and Motorways has created the training course for drivers that is divided into two parts namely theoretical and practical. For light Motor Vehicle (LMV), the length of the course is four weeks which will be 29 hours. The theoretical education will be provided during the remaining time. The documents needed to apply to get a driver’s license include:

  • The application form must be filled in and completed.
  • Age proofs like Aadhar card PAN card, passport Birth certificate, passport, etc.
  • Address proofs such as Aadhar card, passport Card, Ration card, Voter ID card utility bills, etc.
  • Size of passport photos
  • Formula 1 and 1A for medical certifications
  • Driver certification, if you are you are applying for a commercial driver license
  • Application fees


How do you apply for a driver’s licence RTO online?

You could apply for a driver’s license without having to visit the closest RTO.

  • The applicant must fill out the application form, also known as Form 4 and is valid for a motor vehicle driver’s license in India.
  • Form 4 can be downloaded from the official state transport website. Form 4 can be downloaded via the official state transportation website.
  • Fill out the form correctly and attach the relevant documents. Make a reservation for the driving test and pay the fee applicable.


Parivahan Sewa vehicle details and the services

State residents can utilize this Poribohon Sewa website to check their vehicle’s details and then apply for the similar services. The procedure is as follows:

  • Choose ‘Vehicle Related Services in the section ‘Online Services’ on the homepage of Parivahan Gov. in the portal. Select the state like, for instance, Assam.
  • Choose the option ‘Vehicle Registration No’, and enter the registration number of your vehicle.
  • Choose from the dropdown menu State RTO from the dropdown.
  • Click on ‘Proceed’


The page will show an array of services like:

  • Tax or Fee services such as paying your tax.
  • RC related services like applying Transfer of Ownership Transfer of address, Hypothecation duplicate RC application for a non-objection certificate RC cancellation; renewal of registration.
  • Services related to vehicles, such as applying for fitness renewals or reapply if fitness unsuccessful.
  • Apply for certificates such as duplicate fitness certificates Particulars of the RC.
  • Additional services, like cancellation of applications.

Users can select the ‘Services’ tab, ‘Appointment’ or ‘Other Services’ and finally, ‘Status’ in the menu that is at the right side based on their needs.

RTO Codes for India as well as the official RTO websites

Territory of state or union Official RTO website RTO Code
Andhra Pradesh AP
Arunachal Pradesh AR
Assam AS
Bihar BR
Chandigarh CH
Chhattisgarh CG
Gujarat GJ
Goa GA
Himachal Pradesh HP
Haryana HR
Jharkhand JH
Jammu & Kashmir JK
Kerala KL
Karnataka KA
Leh-Ladakh LA
Maharashtra MH
Manipur MN
Madhya Pradesh MP
Mizoram MZ
Meghalaya ML
Nagaland NL
Orissa OD
Puducherry PY
Punjab PB
Rajasthan RJ
Sikkim SK
Tamil Nadu TN
Telangana TS
Tripura TP
Uttarakhand UK
Uttar Pradesh UP
West Bengal WB
Andaman and Nicobar Islands AN
Daman and Diu DD
Dadra and Nagar Haveli DN
Lakshadweep LD
National Capital Territory of Delhi DL


Parivahan Sewa: Latest news


Government introduces new driving license regulations starting in July 2022.

In a recent decision that is designed to simplify the process of applying for and renewing driving licenses, the government has announced new regulations for driving licenses in India. The new rules will go in effect on July 1, 2022 and will apply to personal and commercial driving licenses.

In accordance with the New Driving Licence rules that will be enforced in the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways the citizen is not required to take any test of driving for a 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler. This can be done by going to the closest RTO and/or Regional Transport Office.

A driving license is not required to pass having to pass a test for driving in the RTO. But, it is possible to enroll at any recognized accredited private driver’s school. If the applicant passes the exam, the school will issue a certification upon which the driving license will be issued. Numerous driver’s schools run by private companies will open in the context of the respective state transport are run by central government departments.



What is Sarathi Parivahan?

Sarathi Parivahan is an online portal run by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways to digitize Road Transport Offices (RTOs) in India and offer services related to driving licenses, such as applying for a driver’s license or renewal of DL, for example.

How do I modify my application submitted in parivahan?

Go to website. Click on the ‘DMS Upload/Modify documents under the Other Services. Enter your application’s number and click ‘Submit’. Select the Modify option that appears on the document that you would like to modify. After that, select “Choose file” and save changes after uploading your new document. Then, click ‘Close’.



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