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Website Reviews – Mylincoln Portal Login Full Guide 2022


We are here to present yet another article on login explanation. After reading this, you will have complete information about Mylincolnportal. We will explain the login steps and benefits of Mylincolnportal, what exactly Mylincolnportal is all about, how to log in, and much more. Keep reading further!

Today we will check regarding the mylincoln Portal. We will share how simple and how user-friendly the Mylincoln Portal is. So, Mylincoln Portal is helpful to those who are in the financial sector, dealing in Insurance and investment business or alike. My lincoln portal is offered by the Lincoln National Corporation, which is among the top 250 American Holding Companies, runs by managing various subsidiary insurance and investment companies.


Founded by Mr. Perry Randall in 1905, he held the headquarters at Radnor, Pennsylvania, USA.

Lincoln National Corporation does its marketing of various subsidiary companies with Lincoln Financial group. So, if you see an an advertisement that says Lincoln Financial Group, it means it is one of the Subsidiaries of Lincoln National Corporation.

Before moving forward to the mylincoln Portal login, let us learn more about it.


About Lincoln National Corporation

Law regulates Lincoln National Corporation and all its subsidiaries, and they are bound to abide by that; according to the Law of Indiana State, this regulation was implemented in 1968. Lincoln National Corporation operates all its business from its headquarters at Pennsylvania, Radnor.

Managing the finances and investing them for a better return and future saving are all considered very crucial care should; be taken while making such a decision. My lincoln Portal allows you to take insurance for Individuals, groups, families, employees, and many more. You can find all their plans on their official website, www. mylincoln


My lincoln Portal Login Requirements

So, before going much deeper into what services Lincoln National Corporation provides, let us see how to log in on their official website.

You will need certain things to Login into Mylincoln portal login. which are as follow:

  • My lincoln official Web address,
  • You should have a valid portal login Id that is Username and Password.
  • Internet Browser.
  • PC / laptop or Smartphone or tablet. 

My Lincoln Portal Login Step by Step Guide


Please follow the below necessary steps to get a successful login to your Mylincoln Portal.

Visit their official website

You will see this type of Window in your browser.

Fill in your Username where it asks for the Username and fill in your password where it says password.

Click below on the blue button which says LOG IN.

Now, you will be able to access your mylincoln Portal for all your financial needs.


How to Reset Mylincoln Portal Login Password



If, by any chance, you have forgotten your password and want to reset it, do not worry; just follow these few simple steps to do so.

Go to the official web address:  www. mylincoln, Check forgot Username or password right below the Login button, hover your cursor there, and click on Forgot username or password.


This Portal allows you to reset both Username and Password, as shown in the new image.

Enter now the right password that is linked to your account.

On your device, you will be be notified with a link. This is a password reset link.

After solving the reCAPTCHA image puzzle, go to the “Submit” button and click it to proceed further.

So this was all about mylincoln portal login password reset steps.




Lincoln Financial Contact Details

When you attempt to login to login of Lincoln financial,  you may face some kind of difficulties. So, at that time, please share your problems by contacting Lincoln financial. You will find the below information useful to contact Lincoln financial.


Contact Number: 1-800-431-2958.


Reset Password – Contact Details

So, that was all about login other important details related to myLincoln portal login.

Now we are hoping that you read the article carefully and have a clear idea about login. If you have any feedback related to our article, you are free to use the comments section to express your thoughts. It will help us improve, but it will also help other visitors like you.



Which browser is best suited for MyLincoln access?

You can use Safari from Mac, Edge from Microsoft, Chrome browser from Google, or Firefox from Mozilla.

What should I do? I am facing a Technical error during my attempts to to reset my password.

This “Technical Error” may be because you could be entering the wrong or older password. Use the password that you recently updated or changed. If it does not work, Contact Lincoln via this link –


Why am I unable to retrieve my Username?

If your email is a mismatch or you have trouble getting our emails, you must be using the email that is not in our records or a different one. Please inform us as soon as possible if you are not using your old email address at all. Use Contact Us for our help.


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