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MYQ Smart Garage Door App.


How to set up the garage door via mYQ Smart app?

Step 1. Firstly, download the myQ smart garage door app via the Play Store or Apple store. After doing that, log in or sign up to your previous or new account. Give in an active email ID and password and don’t forget it (for future purposes). or visit:

Step 2. Make sure your phone or tablet stays connected to the home web network, once you open the app you can choose the garage door you have installed in your home. Note: The myQ app can control both Chamberlain and Liftmaster smart garage doors. The interface will display a list of items you are going to need, for adding your garage door.

Step 3. The internet service should reach your garage door conducting a fair net strength, if the signal is weak, it might not respond. Try attaching a Wi-Fi extender or repeater nearby to deliver a smooth functioning experience. Turn on the Bluetooth services on your smart device and enable the location services as well. Doing this will let you control the garage door from anywhere away from home.

Step 4. After that, click “I Am Ready” and choose the similar-looking wall console that is given with the actual product. If you don’t see your model in the list, click on the option that floats below, it will help you discover your item notably. Push the “Learn” button on your wall console, open up the cover and press the yellow button. A beep sound is heard right next to the door opener, tap “Next”.

Step 5. Your smart garage door will appear on the display, that your Wi-Fi list catches from the nearby area, tap “Connect”. The connection is successful, now type in the password for your home Wi-Fi network correctly to sync the garage door with the Internet service, click “Next”. A series of beep sounds are heard on the absolute synchronization of the garage door with the app.

Step 6. Name your device accordingly, and click “Next” again. The basic setup is done, click on the large door on the front page of the app and the door will open and close immediately. Extra features, like timers, schedules and obstruction ahead, theft control, email reminders and many more are yet to be configured. Use the on-screen options that come up along the features to easily set them up, in the “Settings” window.

How to connect myQ app to the Home Wi-Fi network?

As explained earlier in the setup process, the method is quite simple. Once you have logged in, you need to go through the steps one by one. Don’t miss out on any of them, as the page will result up in a different type of interface. Give in the Bluetooth access and turn on the location pinpoint in your smartphone. Choose models correctly and start connecting your myQ app with the smart garage door. Once you reach the Wi-Fi page, the application will ask for the home Wi-Fi password based on your home and signal strength. Type in the credentials correctly to sync the devices in the first chance currently. The noise of a beep is heard ensuring that the connection is successful. The light may also blink on the garage door to show an indication (depends on the particular model).

How to connect Liftmaster garage door controller to Wi-Fi network?

Connecting the Liftmaster garage door to the home Wi-Fi network is pretty simple. Just follow the steps mentioned above thoroughly to ensure a successful connection. Do keep in mind to keep the Wi-Fi router or modem nearby if you have a larger house. Use an extension, if that helps to let it stay connected to the Internet service all the time. Download the myQ app and sign in, re-do the whole setup procedure provide the garage door the web service it needs to accept orders online. Through the myQ app, you can control and operate the door functions as per your requirement. The “Learn” button on the wall console is the only way to connect the Liftmaster with the existing Wi-Fi network. Note: The app may function on mobile net, but in order for the garage door to work properly it needs an undisturbed Wi-Fi Internet connection.

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