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Netgear Device not Working

Netgear Device not Working 4 Best Ways to Solve the Issues


The Netgear device not working has the touch screen for the short control of the device. But full control over the device is possible by the Netgear app. Is it compatible with every extender and window such as 7, 8, 9, 10. The Netgear device has the ability to connect more devices with different technology like MIMO, Apple, etc. the network speed of the device is 1850 Mbps. when you’re playing any game on your device like laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone. So, your device does not lack while playing any game. The device offers cyber security to all home devices which are connected with this device. The network signal coverage of the device is 1.8K with the 30 devices connection. You can make a new network separate from the personal network. 

The Netgear nighthawk wireless router Setup is effortless. There are steps to set up your router easily. There is a battery in the device and the battery backup of the device is 8 hours. 600Mbps speed of 2.4GHz radio frequencies and 1300Mbps speed of 5GHz radio frequency of the smart dual-band router.

Features of the Netgear device router

To trigger with, There are various features of the wireless smart dual-band router.  

Strong internet signals:

The Netgear router offers you a better quality of range without any interference from other devices. This device also helps to reduce noise pollution from the environment.

Netgear mobile app:

First, you should install Netgear on your device like; IOS/Android, computers, laptops, tablets, etc. you can modify all the settings and functions of the device with the app. The Netgear app is very helpful and all things are given on that app.


The perfect control on the device is possible by the app. You control your router from a long-distance with the app. Only just you need to download the app. I use a mobile phone and connect your router with the app for control.

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Easy management and setup:

You can easily set up and manage their router through the app. For the setup of the device, you should follow three steps: first is to connect the Ethernet cable and then, install the app and follow the steps which are shown on the screen. After that, connect your computer to the router.

Parental liability:

The parents can control their children to become addicted to modern gadgets. They put restrictions and set time limits on internet usage. They can restrict wasteful ads and websites.

Ways to solve the Netgear device not working issue of Netgear wireless router

Now, I will talk about the problem-solving steps of the router.

Turn ON your device in sequence:

If you ON your device is unsequenced. So, your device does not and is not working properly.

They are to connect your device in sequence. First, disconnect the modem from the power outlet and router. Then, unplug the router and computer from the electric switch. After that, turn your modem and wait for 2 minutes. Then, on your router and then, on your computer.

Check the wireless connection:

Check the wireless connection of the in-between router and computer. If you connect the wire in the wiring port and connect to the wrong method. Thus, the device is not working and does not blink lights.

To solve this problem, you should check the connection in-between the router and computer. First, connect your Ethernet cable to the router into the LAN 1 port and the other end of the cable attached to the computer.

Check the connection settings when Netgear device not working:

Check all the internal settings of the device. If you choose the wrong connection type and put the wrong IP address of the device. Thus, this is the main reason your device is not working or not connecting.

For working your device put the right IP address of your device. That is given on the label. And another solution is to choose the right connection type if you connect your device through the wireless connection so, choose the connection method in the settings and if you connect your device to the wired so, you should select the wired connection type from the settings.

Check the device location:

Check the location of your router. If your device does not work. So, locate your device where the internet connection is good. Then, your device is working properly.


This Netgear smart dual device is an excellent router. Last month, this device was purchased by my cousin. His name is Robert. Last Sunday, I was free from my studies. So, I went to their home. I saw this device which is placed on the table in the open area. Then, he put this to open the login page on the browser and then showed me all the features and settings of the router. After spending 2 hours with my cousin. Then, I came back to my home. From my point of view, this is the best device to assess internet coverage.

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