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No knowledge Required: How to Make a Mobile Logo

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When creating a mobile website, are you just focused on the design of the website itself? The logo, which is surprisingly easy to forget, is actually essential. The logo is placed at the top of the top page on many websites, the “first view” when you first see the website.

Although it is a small part, it is an important part that impresses the website, and it must not interfere with the icon of the entire website or the world view of the brand, and it must be in the atmosphere.

It also has the role of giving a sense of trust so that shops with signs are more reliable than shops without signs. The logo is crucial to differentiate it from other websites in the same industry.

Three points you should note before logo designing

1. Organize the theme of the site

  • What kind of logo do you want to have?
  • What is the industry of the site
  • What products do you handle?
  • What is the color and atmosphere of the site?

Finding a lot of websites that are close to your image can also be a good idea.

2. Decide on a website name and logo

Since the website name is often used for the logo, let’s think about the website name that seems to be valid as a mark. If the website name is long or you only want to use the symbol mark for the logo, think about what kind of logo you want.

3. Decide on a catchphrase

It’s hard to tell what site it is from just the logo. Think of a catchphrase or slogan for your site. Even if you don’t use it for the logo design itself, the catchphrase will become important later when creating a site.

Logo maker is recommended to make a logo from now on.

It’s expensive to ask a professional

  • It costs more than 1,000 dollars to place an order with a professional such as a design company.
  • It’s a logo that serves as a signboard for the site, so it should not take that much.

There is also a way to ask crowdsourcing, etc., by interacting with people who can not see their faces. It takes time and tips to get the results you want.

It’s hard to make it yourself.

If you are familiar with Illustrator, you may try making it yourself.

  • In that case, let’s be careful about such a place
  • Can it be recognized even in black and white?
  • Are you using too much color?
  • Are you too fashion-conscious?
  • Have you cleared the problems of commercial use, copyright, and trademark?

Moreover, if you just put letters and marks, you will not get rid of the amateurishness. Even a single logo is difficult without know-how and experience in designing.

Use a convenient tool is the correct answer.

If you want to build a mobile website from now on, this is the correct answer. Nowadays, many useful tools make it easy to create a logo.

DesignEvo prepares 10,000+ professional logo templates. You don’t need to use Illustrator to draw but get nothing finally. You can change it by just picking a favorite logo from it. If you are first time designing, you can use DesignEvo to design your own logo.

DesignEvo is an online logo maker. If you need commercial copyright, you can upgrade it and buy it separately. 

How to make your mobile logo with DesignEvo?

Step 1: Enter the template page

Go to the DesignEvo homepage and click Make a Free Logo to access the template page.

Step 2: Choose the template in mind

DesignEvo’s logo is of high quality. It contains 10,000+ professional logo templates. You can see various categories from the left column of the screen. Move the mouse to a logo that best meets your ideals and press Customize to enter the work. As you are want to make your mobile logo, then you can enter such keywords.

Step 3: Enter the template editing page

After entering the work platform, DesignEvo provides many elements, including the freedom of color and font, so that you can adjust the logo to the desired feel.

Step 4: Download the logo file

Click Download at the top right to enter the price page. Here you only need to click the small link in the middle row and log in with your Google or Facebook account to download it for free.

Step 5 Indicate the source

As mentioned above, if you use the free version, DesignEvo will ask you to credit that the design comes from DesignEvo when you use the logo when you download it. After completion, you can click Download and agree to download, and you’re done.


Now that you knew the importance of the logo to the websites, and some points to note when creating logos, last but not least, the easy-to-use logo maker, DesignEvo, just turn it to practice.

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