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Ofiyaa Tri Screen For Best Three Screen Performance


This Is Why OFIYAA Is So Important

Introducing OFIYA, a portable dual-screen monitor that is portable, easy-to-use, and affordable. Ofiyaa Tri Screen can greatly improve your productivity without the cost of buying additional monitors, as it allows you more space to work on your computer without having to purchase additional monitors. All you have to do is plug in a USB-C cable and you’re ready to go.

What Makes Ofiyaa Unique?

In order to build your own mobile workstation or to work efficiently anywhere, the OFIYAA is a multitasking and portable dual screen laptop monitor. 

One computer can be turned into three, allowing you to view content on all three screens at once, increasing your productivity by 50% and facilitating efficient multitasking.

Ofiyaa Introduces Tri Screen

Changing between different applications and windows on our computer takes about ten seconds about every five minutes. Data errors and file confusion can result. It is complicated and expensive to use split screens, and they require additional monitors.

There Are Two Display Modes

You can display content with OFIYAAA in several different ways on the laptop screen. On the three screens, you can display either the same content or different content. 

Also, you can display video content from external devices. There is a variety of ways to display images on these screens, which can suit a variety of display needs in your everyday life.

There Are A Large Number Of Applications For HD Displays

OFIYAA’s integrated stand can fit into any laptop case between 13 and 16 inches and the screen can be adjusted individually to tailor each screen’s display parameters. 

It uses a 11.6-inch, 16:9 FHD high-definition screen with a resolution of 1920*1080P, while the laptop screen has a resolution of 1080P/60HZ (1920*1080P), which help you see everything clearly.

Easily Adjust The Screen Parameters

There are several parameters that can be adjusted for each screen. If you want to set the parameters according to your preferences, you can adjust the screen to suit different job requirements. 

You can adjust the following main parameters: brightness, color, scene mode, dynamic contrast ratio, sharpness, hue, saturation, backlight, color temperature, language setting, aspect, auto powerdown, wide dynamic mode , volume adjustment and a total of 30 parameter settings.

The Lamp Is Very Bright And Energy-Saving

In addition to its 220CD/m2 brightness, OFIYAA also features a matte LED backlight, as well as an IPS panel with wide viewing angles, in order to provide clarity from a variety of angles, without distortion. With the Energy Star rating of the screen, the battery consumption of the laptop will be reduced due to the energy-efficient screen. 

In case the screen is powered by a laptop computer, it has the benefit of being energy efficient, too, and is durable enough to guarantee long-term use even if the power is provided by a single screen power of five watts.

Flexible & Multi-View Design

As OFIYA has a full rotation angle of 202°, you can choose the most appropriate angles to view it from no matter where you are, and you can watch from multiple angles all at once.

Designed To Be Durable And Wear-Resistant

In addition to the fact that OFIYA is made of a high quality industrial material, it can withstand the wear and tear of carrying the laptop computer around with it. This has passed more than 10,000 folding fatigue tests over the past five years, which means that it will serve the user for at least five years.

It Is Small And Portable

There is none of this problem with OFIYAA’s weight, and it has a size of 315*215*39MM, so it can be carried everywhere, and you can use a backpack to set up a workspace at any time. 

There is no question that additional monitors will prove to be of great benefit to you when you are at home or if you have to go out to work since they are lightweight and practical as well.

Using A Projector And A Microcomputer

In addition to connecting to a computer, OFIYAAA can also be connected to a mobile phone via Type-C to enable mobile phone to become computer conversion. 

If connected, the mobile phone can display content on the screen or act like a computer on screen by projecting its contents. EMUI and DEX are the available operating systems for this feature.

This Is A Great Deal

Unlike other displays, OFIYAAA has more functions than two monitors and is available with a cheaper price on the crowd funding platform. 

A 1+1 combination has a higher performance than separate monitors on their own. A mobile workstation can be an indispensable device in daily life and will quickly become one of the most used multifunctional display devices in your life.

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