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Online school for continuing quality education all around the year

Online school

The internet has raised education standard for students as they no longer have to rely entirely on textbooks and encyclopaedias for information. They can browse the internet, refer to subject-related information on the websites of museums, libraries, and even scholarly journals. Though schools have been leveraging technology to work with students, the idea of online school received traction during the 2020 pandemic. As countries went into lockdown and even after the lockdown was lifted, many parents were hesitant about sending their children to school.

What schools are offering in online school?

The Zoom classes have become quite common as teachers now conduct virtual classes for their students. However, these classes have become even more sophisticated with intensive use of infographics, PowerPoint presentations, and graphics to keep the classes engaging. Students get a better one-on-one interaction with their tutors and even teachers are better able to observe individual students and gauge their performance. Remote learning material such as online worksheets, educational videos and online practice tests have ensured that students do not lose out on academics. With virtual instructions, students are also able to purse some form of physical activities such as dance and some non-equipment based sport, music classes, be part of the school groups such as the debate clubs, chess clubs etc.

How are students adjusting to online school?

Though online school cannot take the place of physical attendance to school, it has been better than missing an entire year where students would be idle without guidance from teachers. It has provided a platform for interaction between students and their teacher, and students and their peers. Online schooling helped a lot of students during the pandemic times in dealing with the psychological and social burden of the viral disease. It kept students engaged productively and hence they were left with no time to mull over the fear of getting infected or how the disease may impact their lives. In fact, continued school activities helped students remain active while staying cooped up in their houses. There was an adjustment period for teachers and students with the new engagement model, but everyone has found a middle ground with a lot of benefits of online school gaining recognition.

The online school curriculum

There are many websites that provide list of school that support home-based education, give a list of curriculums for home schooling that will give specific topics that are covered in the Canadian curriculum. Study material is available for students right from preschool to high school. So, while parents can push the bounds of how much and what the child learns at home, encouraging them in their fields of interest, they can also cover the rudiments of formal education so that students can give formal exams that will fulfil the formal education requirement for pursuing university education. Apart from the extensive resources, the parents can also get help from formal tutors to help the student where they need help and guidance. There are many schools that provide online school options for students who are travelling or stuck in quarantine even after the lockdown has been lifted.  

The curriculum is covered for individual subjects such as Math, Science, English, History Geography, Social Studies, French, other provincial curriculum among other things.

Advantage of structured programs

The greatest advantage of online schooling is that one has the flexibility to delve deeply into any subject they like. It also gives students the advantage to learn at their own pace and space. Yet, having a structured program helps in maintain a disciplined schedule for academic activities. having formal examinations will help in assessing how much one has learned and give a formal qualification when one is appearing for competitive exams. It also gives a sense of accountability for the parents and students which will ensure they do not procrastinate on completing the day’s tasks. With the easy access t internet and computers, students can stay better with their tutors and have their problems resolved.

Online school may not entirely take the place of attending regular school, but it will serve an important role in creating an immersive learning experience where students will be engaged more intimately with their curriculum.

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