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Quality Ottoman beds and mattresses


Quality Mattresses

Really good sleep starts with a nice and good mattress. What that is exactly is different for everyone. Your personal preference, your sleeping position and your height and weight are the important factors in determining which mattress suits you best.

The right support and comfort you are looking for is mainly in the firmness of the mattress. Our cold foam mattresses are available in different firmnesses and have multiple zones that provide the most perfect support. The zones ensure that, for example, you get less pressure on the shoulders and more pressure in the loins. We do not use zones with our memory foam mattresses, because good memory foam makes zones of your body per square centimeter. That’s why memory foam works so well ergonomically.


There is nothing that follows the contours of your body as well as memory foam. It is important that you choose the memory foam of the right firmness. We make our mattresses by hand in Scheveningen and in Germany depending on the type of mattress.

We have been giving our mattresses a completely free trial for 22 years (2020), making it just as important for us as it is for our customers that our mattresses are really good and offer the right support. We make all our mattresses in four different firmnesses and in various types and sizes. In addition, we do not use any fire retardants or anti-dust mite chemicals in our mattresses. Whatever type of sleeper you are and whatever preference you have at Royal Health Foam, you can always succeed.

Class Boxsprings

A box spring can be a beautiful bed with a luxurious look. With comfortable mattresses, a box spring does not take up more space than necessary. Box springs are particularly popular because you are actually ready immediately. You choose the size, the color and the shape of the back wall you like and that’s it. Although, then comes the most important thing, the mattress! With the mattress you determine the support and comfort.

At Royal Health Foam we have several box spring bed bases, including a box spring without steel!Steel in mattresses but also in bed bases increase the muscle tension of the sleeper, which is not desirable. This increased muscle tone can even lead to cramps in the toes and calves. It is the intention in bed that the body and mind relax. At Royal Health Foam you will find various box springs that you put together yourself. The box spring doesn’t do much except support the mattress and provide ventilation. The mattress determines your ergonomics and comfort


So make sure that the mattress fits your sleeping needs and your height and weight. Only when the mattress really meets your needs and what you have left can you sleep really well and wake up refreshed and rested. The height of the box spring determines the ease of entry and exit. The height is partly determined by the legs, which are available in various colors and shapes. You can also opt for wheels so that you can easily slide the box apart for cleaning. We have many options with which you can make your box spring according to your own wishes, creating the ideal basis for a good and pleasant night’s sleep.

Good Ottoman Beds

It is important to Royal Health Foam that our beds do not squeak or creak and that they do not start to do so over the years. A Ottoman beds should be beautiful and fit in the bedroom. We have many contemporary and sustainable beds and cots that can last for years. It is important that you make a well-considered choice with us, precisely because our products are durable and can therefore last for years without any problems. Choosing the bed is often less difficult than choosing the mattress. Because how do you best choose a well-fitting mattress? Besides the fact that every person is unique, we also have other wishes.

Ottoman beds

Make sure you get good support and don’t look so much at a nice bed but rather at a good bed. The right firmness of the mattress means sufficient support but not too soft. A soft mattress is always more comfortable than a hard mattress, but a firmer mattress almost always works better than a softer version. The best Ottoman beds base is without a doubt the Premium Dish Base . Each dish is adjustable and the dish bottom gives a completely even pressure. With slatted bases, the back pressure is not even because a slat bends most in the middle and bends least where the slat rests on the frame. You can choose from various adjustment options for both our saucer bases and our slatted bases.

All our beds are available as a single bed, double bed or a queen size bed. In addition, all our Ottoman beds are available in different lengths and widths and with different entry heights. Deviating sizes are also no problem for us. This applies not only to our Ottoman bed bases, but of course also to all our mattresses.

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