Friday, February 3, 2023

Questions To Ask Concrete Lifting And Leveling Contractor


The efficiency and the durability of the concrete lifting and leveling services highly depend on the contractor you hired. Selecting the right contractor is more than conducting online research and asking for references. You need to hire a reliable, reputable, and skilled professional who may not be number one in the search engine.

It’s vital to ask relevant questions, while hiring concrete lifting solutions in Macon. It helps you to differentiate between amateur and experienced contractors. Moreover, you select a contractor who is most suitable for your project.

We bring you the top six questions that you must ask before hiring a contractor.

What Kind of Experience do you have?

Experience is a crucial qualification. The more complex concrete lifting and leveling projects they have handled, the better. Sidewalk lifting requires know-how and skills. Thus, you may want to hire a contractor who has the experience and credentials to perform sidewalk leveling.

If the concrete lifting solutions in Macon require lifting of slab or footer inside your home, you must ensure that the contractor has the resume and skill needed to carry out the task efficiently. The more sensitive the slab or the heavier the load, the more experienced and reliable the concrete lifting contractor you will need. The questions should be about:

  • Their business.
  • Their experience.
  • Projects they have handled in the past.
  • Similar projects they have worked in.

How long will the Process Take?

While hiring a contractor for your concrete lifting and leveling project, time will play a crucial role. When can they start the project? How long will the process take to finish? There are numerous concrete lifting and leveling methods, such as mud jacking and polyurethane foam injection. The amount of time a project will take to complete depends on the solution you opt for.

Polyurethane foam injection is a less intrusive, time-consuming, and cleaner solution. If you are looking for concrete lifting solutions in Macon for your business or time is essential, we recommend hiring a contractor experienced in polyurethane foam injection methods.

Are You Insured and Licensed? 

Every state has its own rule for the concrete lifting solutions to the contractor. You must ensure that they meet all the requirements set up by the government. They must also be insured to handle any personal injury or damage to the project. We recommend documenting before and after images to ensure that you get the expected results.

What is the Cost of Their Service?

Apart from ensuring that the contractor is experienced, insured, licensed, check out if they meet your budget requirements. Enquiring about what the concrete lifting and repair project will cost you gives you an insight into the extra charges and what you are getting yourself into.

When reviewing the contract agreement, ensure that these costs are mentioned. The cost should include:

  • Labor
  • Materials
  • Mobilization
  • Additional Costs

Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, the price of the project may increase. These situations can be void presence or size underneath the structure or slab.

You can ask the contractor for an estimate of the work. Some contractors may offer you a free estimate, while others may charge for it.

Should You Be Present During the Project Work?

Everyone is busy, and it might not be feasible for you to be available during the construction work. Thus, inquire from the contractor if they can carry out the task without your presence or you need to adjust your schedule.

Can You See the Portfolio of Your Work? 

Ask your contractor, if you can see the before and after photos of their previous works. Many contractors carry these portfolios, and you may easily find them on their official website. It will give you an insight into the efficiency and finishing of their work.

If they don’t have the images, you can ask for their previous client’s references. If they are hesitant to offer you references, it may indicate that they don’t have happy clients. It is a point to consider.

The Bottom Line

Selecting the right concrete lifting and repair contractor is as essential, as choosing the suitable material for construction work. The questions shared above will help you understand the contractor’s job, knowledge, experience, and skills. Don’t shy away from asking, if you have any other doubts or queries.

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