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Juplink wifi extender

Quick Tips To Improve the Signal After Installing Juplink WiFi Extender


The router plays a major role in spreading network coverage. But the range of the router is not enough to provide stable speed and signal. Purchasing the additional router for extending the range is the costlier one. We recommend purchasing the wifi extender. The wifi extender plays a major role in extending the range up to a great extent, especially for business purposes. The Juplink wifi extender comes with many great features in an affordable price range. It is a dual-band range extender device that is capable of delivering a speed of 1.2GBps with 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands. 

The two external antennas will boost the signal and provide stable connectivity to the device. The range at which it expands the coverage is 1500 square feet. You can easily connect more than one device at a time with MU-MIMO technology. The two Gigabit ports allow you to connect smart TVs, gaming consoles, computers, laptops, and many more devices. It easily connects to the maximum number of routers or modems. You can use this device as a repeater as well as an extender too. Now I’m gonna tell you the tips to improve the Juplink AC1200WiFi extender signal.

Tips To Fix The Connection Issue Even After installing the Juplink AC1200 wifi extender 

After unboxing the device from the shipment box, read all the info from the user guide. Bring out the device and place it in a perfect location. 

Placing The Extender To The Right Location

The perfect location for that extender is that it is not too far from the modem or router. The Juplink wifi extender setup and the router should be in the same location. Note that the place you are locating the wifi extender should be at least 3 feet away from the floor level and the ceiling walls. Note that there should not be any metal objects and concrete walls close to the Juplink Extender device. Upgrade the firmware of the Juplink extender device. By updating the firmware, it may also fix the issue.

Check whether the system device is working properly.

Sometimes the storage space is not enough for your system device. It is recommended to clear at least half of the space to fix this issue. You can also delete the recent files by clicking the start button. The temp file on the C drive grabs lots of unusual space. Deleting those files will delete your data and boost the system’s performance. Also, note that the system firewall is not on. It may create an issue while setting up the extension. This creates problems later. Also, check that your system is up to date.

Check your Browser is working well or not

Check the browser you’re using is not outdated. It should be up to date. Clear the history and check website restrictions set up in your browser. Your browser cache should be clear. Change the browser to a new one to fix this problem. 

Connect to Juplink wifi extender network again

Disconnect the WiFi network you are connected to or forget your password from your device and connect it again. If none of the above tips works, try to reset your device. Resetting the device is simple and can be done by thumbing down the reset button or pressing the thin sharp type equipment into the hole for 9 to 12 seconds. The LED light on the Juplink device starts illuminating. The device starts by itself and the illuminating LEDs light turns into the solid one. After it reboots by itself, you can now do the  Juplink wifi extender setup again.


I have been searching for this device for more than 6 weeks. The reviews on this item were incredible. Then I decided to buy it and it is working very fine. A separate guest network offers to create a private network without knowing the other users. The two Gigabit ports allow you to connect smart TVs, gaming consoles, computers, laptops, and many more devices. The two high-gain external antennas with 1.2GBps speed attract me to buy at this affordable price.

The customer care team was also very supportive and provided the best solution in an hour. You can also block, filter, or allow the websites by using the parental control feature. Overall a stupendous device in this range and I highly suggest all the buyers who are willing to purchase this product should go for this one.

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