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tmt bar price today in hedrabad
tmt bar price today

Radha 500 and 550D LRF TMT first choice of infra industry.


TMT steel bars are manufactured using a unique metallurgical process known as “thermo mechanical treatment”.

High-strength reinforcement bars are, used in the construction of massive infrastructure and buildings. Due to its unique manufacturing process, TMT bars are hard on the outside and soft on the inside. These characteristics make them a unique building material that provides strength and protection to large-scale infrastructure against earthquakes and other hazards. TMT steel bars have simplified the construction of large-scale infrastructure and multi-storey buildings.

Fe 500 and Fe 550D LRF are the most commonly used iron TMT bars by the infra industry and in the construction of houses or multi-story buildings. Figure “500” implies the minimum yield stress in MPa. The letter “D” in Fe 500 D implies ductility which means that the steel bars have a higher percentage of elongation meaning thereby that the TMT bar would withstand more pressure and stress.

Fe 500 and Fe 550D, TMT bars are manufactured using the same process and the same quality raw materials but using different cooling techniques they are so made so as to differ from each other in parameters such as proof stress, ultimate tensile strength, elongation, and carbon content so as to be used for different specific purposes. Fe 550D because of its high tensile strength, need an extremely large force to show any substantial change in its length making it a perfect choice to build huge infrastructures, like bridges, dams, metros, very high-rise buildings, etc. to withstand earthquakes and large loads. While Fe 500 is suitable for building normal houses

Radha Fe 500 and Fe 550D TMT bars are the most reasonably priced excellent quality TMT bars available in the market, not even a single notch lower in quality parameters than the TMT saria of Tata Tiscon and JSW companies, the two biggest TMT steel producing companies in the country.

Radha TMT 550D LRF and 500D Steel Rebars undoubtedly, the most preferred choice of infra industry people, are made using advanced LRF Technology which ensures higher ductility and greater strength. The excellent ductility and strength of Radha TMT provide extremely robust strength to buildings and other infrastructure structures against earthquakes and other natural calamities. These Steel Rebars not only have good bonding properties to concrete but are also highly durable.

Radha smelters with its flagship product of Radha 500 and 550D TMT bars are a numero-uno brand of southern India and enjoy membership in the elite group of top 3 brands manufacturing TMT bars in India. Radha TMT, with its high ductility and high strength properties, has set benchmark standards for best quality TMT bars in India. Owing to its superior quality, Radha TMT bars are fast becoming the first choice of every leading builder, architect, and structural engineer across the country besides being remained as the first choice of the infra industry and the most preferential brand amongst the common people in South India for a long time now.
It is promoting the concept of Global Technologies made in India. Radha TMT is a made-in-India brand with a global outlook and is far ahead of its rival top brands in the South Indian market share of TMT Steel.

Here are a few reasons why it makes perfect sense to choose Radha TMT 550D LRF and 500D

  • Only high-quality raw materials used
  • Fully automated high-speed mill
  • Superior LRF Technology
  • German Quenching and Self-tempering technology -THERMEX®
  • Stringent testing and quality control system

With such technology and processes in place, one can rest assured that every single TMT
Rebar coming out of Radha Smelters plants is guarantee safety quality and reliability.
Radha TMT 550D LRF 500D has set a new benchmark in the field of TMT steel in the country

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