Thursday, December 1, 2022
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Real Estate CRM Software in India—How Brokers Can Stay Ahead Of Competition with Lead Automation


In the current real estate market, brokers have to find innovative ways to stay afloat and put their business on the road to consistent profits. Making use of a CRM has proven to be a guaranteed way by which real estate agents can have better relationships with customers, segment leads effectively, and convert more leads into sales. 

Notably, real estate CRM software helps the Indian broker by saving time on mundane tasks through automation. Since the real estate agent has more time on his/her hands, they can focus on high-value tasks, such as closing big deals. As you read on, you will find out exactly what a CRM can do and how these features benefit the agents. 

Features of Real Estate CRM Software 

  • Salesforce Automation

This functionality helps the real estate agents know their client’s contact details, preferences, buying history, and concerns. Additionally, the feature allows for automatic follow-ups, which keeps the buyer engaged.  

  • Marketing Automation

With Real Estate CRM Software your agents can automate the sending of repetitive emails and messages for marketing purposes. Besides, the insights the CRM provides can also be used for targeted marketing campaigns. 

  • Lead Sorting & Nurturing 

Your team can nurture leads and push them along the sales funnel with targeted messaging using the right CRM. Moreover, you can sort leads based on factors— such as an opened email/ a link a prospect clicked on—to figure out which of them will convert into sales.

Benefits of CRM Software for Indian real estate brokers

Based on the features mentioned above, CRM software can add massive value to your real estate business. They are as follows:

  • The software can distribute leads more effectively across agents/ geographical locations based on parameters, such as availability, location, type of property, etc. 
  • Without human involvement, the CRM can send real-time follow-ups to prospects, depending on whether they want a site visit, more information, quote, etc.  
  • Since the CRM puts everything into a streamlined workflow, there is little room for error or delay from the real estate agents. 
  • The CRM helps real estate agents foster better relationships with their clients by sharing valuable information, expertise, etc.
  • Another advantage is that the CRM intelligently segments customers based on their enquiry and assigns them to the best person for the job. 
  • Automatic, real-time alerts to prospects about site visits are another reason why the CRM will do wonders for brokers. 
  • Real estate CRM can also be leveraged to keep track of all customer contacts, queries, and interactions for future reference and derive insights that will drive sales. 
  • Crucially, the CRM can give the real estate broker insight into the customer’s mind-set to send an appropriate deal and close the sale effortlessly.


Real estate CRM software is essential for Indian realtors looking to win more deals and have highly satisfied customers. Since implementing the software can be challenging, we recommend consulting with an expert in the field. 

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