Friday, January 27, 2023
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Reasons Your Business Needs Non-Slip Mats


Employers have a clear responsibility to ensure a safe working environment for their employees. A fall and a slip do not always cause an accident. As a result, the mats cannot be referred to as non-accident mats because they cannot prevent every accident. Non-slip mats prevent people from slipping and breaking a bone or injuring themselves.

The chance of people sliding, falling, and dropping goods is reduced by reducing slips, perhaps resulting in the item being broken or people harming them. The non-slip mat prevents a child from slipping and hurting their head in the pool and prevents someone from slipping and falling onto a concrete floor in the factory. They help to decrease and maybe eliminate slips, as well as many other types of mishaps. 

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They Counter Spillages and Dirt

Many types of flooring provide decent grip when dry and clean, but difficulties occur when they become moist or soiled. Any spill can be a significant problem, putting the floor at risk right away – someone could spill liquid, fetch cleaning supplies, and in the interim, someone who isn’t aware of the spill enters and slips. 

Non Slip Mats Reduce Time off Work

A noticeable side effect of anyone slipping and injuring themselves is that they will need time off work. This time off work will impact productivity, and it may substantially impact others’ work. The injured person may also have a reasonable apprehension about trusting a job where they have been disabled. Because non-slip mats are inexpensive and long-lasting, they are more than likely to pay for themselves by saving time at work. If a non-slip mat saves just one day off work, it has usually compensated for itself.

They Demonstrate a Duty of Care

Employers must provide a safer working environment for their employees. If people have to walk in an area that can be slippery and cause injury, then this duty, at least in part, is not being fully met. Of course, a non-slip mat contributes to a safer workplace, which is an apparent health and safety concern.

It’s also worth mentioning that this duty of care can minimize the likelihood of facing legal action if someone is hurt. 

When someone suffers an accident at work, demonstrating that reasonable safety precautions were in place is advantageous.

Non-Slip Mats Can Reduce Fatigue

A non-slip mat can also be a specific anti-fatigue mat, which has been shown to minimize the impact of standing on a hard floor for long periods. Standing on a hard floor causes the legs and feet to become immobile, blood pool, muscles to tire, and the heart to work harder. Lower limb and lower back discomfort become very common as a result.

The softer matting causes the user to stand, shifting their stance and posture in minor, unnoticeable ways. These are enough to keep the blood flowing and reduce fatigue and aches. 


Non-Slip Mats Can Act As a Visual Warning

The mats can be essential black and unnoticeable or have patterns and designs printed on them. These could be warnings in areas where overspills are a worry, such as in the factory on the production line floor, where the mats might include yellow and black stripes to indicate the edge of furniture and shelving. These cautions, markers, and arrows to illustrate the correct course to follow might be printed on non-slip mats if social distancing is required. Full-color printing is available on non-slip mats, and one can add any message their business needs.

Non-slip mats to boost brand awareness

Non-slip mats don’t have to be strictly practical; they can also help promote a company. For example, a non-slip mat may be necessary at the door to a store as customers arrive from the street, but it does not have to be a drab mat. Instead, it can prominently display company artwork or another trademark, perhaps attracting customers. It’s feasible to get creative and use the mats as both a safety precaution and a means of advertising, potentially boosting sales, loyalty, or another statistic. 

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